Can you name that clown?

We're not clowning around here!


Love 'em or hate 'em, clowns have been a part of our society for way longer than anyone realizes. Here, we're asking you a couple of clown-related question to test your knowledge!

  1. Both Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgård played this clown in 1990 and 2017, respectively.
  2. This Joker's signature line is "Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moon light?"
  3. What is the name of the giant clown that appears toward the end of Killer Klowns from Outer Space
  4. A clown tries to kill Robbie Freeling in what film?
  5. Who was the original Ronald McDonald?
  6. This Joker also appeared in Ocean's Eleven
  7. In the novel, what does Pennywise claim his real name is?
  8. Who played Bozo the Clown on The Bozo Show?
  9. Who voiced the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series?
  10. This Bozo was also the first voice of Goofy

Can you name that clown?

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Wenatchee7 7 months ago
6/10 Never liked clowns anyway.
Wendy57 7 months ago
The only clown that was special to me as a little girl was Bozo. I remember watching the Bozo TV show in the SF Bay Area. I had a soft handmade clown that I named Bozo. I slept with him and took him just about everywhere.
One day, my Mom told me that we needed to wash Bozo, so she put him in the washing machine. When the washer was finished, she told me that he needed to be dried, so she put him into the dryer, and with that I screamed, “ You’re cooking Bozo !”
KJExpress Wendy57 7 months ago
The funny ideas we get as kids! 😄
Wendy57 KJExpress 7 months ago
So innocent, so funny.
Rob 7 months ago
I don’t like clowns. I’m not taking this quiz.
raddad Rob 7 months ago
I tried to watch the movie once and couldn’t get into it. Skipped the quiz.
KaterTot 7 months ago
So I guess I don't know anything about clowns
KJExpress 7 months ago
8/10. I worked with someone who went to one of those Halloween extravaganzas in Orlando where they have all those scary rooms you have to walk through and the one that freaked him out by far, was the clown-themed one. 🤡🤡🤡
Bapa1 KJExpress 7 months ago
My daughter and her husband go every year, the one at Universal. Since 2010.
KJExpress Bapa1 7 months ago
I wasn't sure where it was held, but Universal was probably what he was referring to. I'd be too chicken to do that.
Big3Fan 7 months ago
Five. I only knew the Willard Scott one. I'm still an expert, according to MeTV.
Maverick66 7 months ago
5/10. What a clown show that effort on my part was. 🤡
Sway 7 months ago
5/10…send in the clowns 🤡
CaptainDunsel 7 months ago
Clowns! Clowns! CLOWNS
[I'm just freaking out!]
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