Can you name all these Sixties child stars in Bonanza?

Any Boomer knows these famous TV faces, but can you remember their names?


Bonanza was as much a family drama as it was a Western. Sure, there were plenty of shootouts, saloon fights and cattle rustlers, but the dynamics between brothers Adam, Hoss and Little Joe, plus their tough but wise father, Ben, made this Old West series different than many of the others on TV at the time.

The Cartwrights were always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need, and in doing so welcomed many kids to the Ponderosa. Some were lost, others just passing through Virginia City. 

Here are 10 kids from Bonanza that you may recognize from other TV and movie appearances. How many can you name?

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  1. Who is this future movie star?
  2. This actor was in Bonanza right before his most famous TV role.
  3. He played many adorable Sixties kids.
  4. This actor appeared in Bonanza two years before joining the cast.
  5. Do you recognize this TV star?
  6. What about this this one?
  7. Who is this Sixties child star?
  8. He appeared in Bonanza after rising to fame in a family sitcom.
  9. She could handle the more dramatic and even supernatural roles for kids on TV in the Sixties.
  10. He appeared in Bonanza after starring in another Western.

Can you name all these Sixties child stars in Bonanza?

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L 21 months ago
Couple of these I had to do by elimination, but I got them all.
Davvee 22 months ago
Last two stumped me. 10/12. Great quiz.
ETristanBooth Davvee 22 months ago
I missed the last two also, but it was 8/10 when I took it.
Stardoc 23 months ago
10/10…’s been a while.
Keith 23 months ago
10/10 Eileen Baral just appeared on Bonanza last week on MeTV
frances3agape 23 months ago
Missed Nos 9 and 10 - had NO IDEA
oldmoe51 23 months ago
If they asked the names of the characters they played I would have done better 7/10
Mayfield85 23 months ago
9/10. Didn't know Eileen Baral
SMOZINGO 23 months ago
10 out of 10. 2 were lucky guesses
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