Can you name all these funky, groovy cars from the 1970s?

Let's see how well you know these AMCs, VWs and Chevys.

Say one thing about cars in the 1970s — they certainly looked more unique. From bubbly hatchbacks to boat-sized sedans, the decades offered a gas-guzzler for everyone. If you learned how to parallel park with a 1977 Oldsmobile, well, we tip our hat to you.

Even if you weren't driving one of these, you have probably come across them numerous times in movies and television. 

Think you can name these iconic automobiles of the Seventies? Put the pedal to the metal…

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  1. This iconic pickup hybrid from Chevy means "the road" in Spanish.
    Image: Chevrolet
  2. This Volkswagen shared a name with a classic horror movie.
    Image: Volkswagen
  3. This sporty Pontiac Trans Am had a name that fit the awesome avian image on the hood.
    Image: Pontiac
  4. Is this a Corvette or a Camaro?
    Image: Chevrolet
  5. What about this iconic little AMC hatchback?
    Image: AMC
  6. This Oldsmobile came in a "Supreme" edition, like a taco.
    Image: Oldsmobile
  7. This Chevy was named after a bright star in the sky.
    Image: Chevrolet
  8. What was the model of this Ford "Cruising Wagon"?
    Image: Ford
  9. Ricardo Montalbán touted the "fine Corinthian leather" in the interior of this Chrysler.
    Image: Chrysler
  10. This little AMC shared its name with a certain NBA player.
    Image: AMC
  11. It may be parked in front of an airplane hangar, but this Buick featured an iconic "boattail."
    Image: GM

Can you name all these funky, groovy cars from the 1970s?

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BigE 26 days ago
You got 11 out of 11 I two dogs of the bunch, a 1972 Vega and a 1974 Gremlin. Both were a pain in the patoot.
RickeyMulkey 4 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
They don't make 'em like they used to. You can find loads of cool 1970s cars in Adam-12 — like this one.
Craigg 4 months ago
You got 10 out of 11
They don't make 'em like they used to. You can find loads of cool 1970s cars in Adam-12 — like this one.
KellyShort 4 months ago
You got 11 out of 11 .............. I do like cars
KeithARies 4 months ago
it's gonna be pretty hard to stump me on '70's cars!
Mike 4 months ago
11 of 11. If you were a boy in the 70's, you knew your cars. :)
moax429 Mike 3 months ago
And especially if you were lucky to see that game show "Split Second" during days home from school or summer vacation back then (1972-1975). I was only 10 when that show premiered and was totally ticked when ABC canceled "SS" in 1975 with an idiotic soap opera.
DavidBarker 4 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
They don't make 'em like they used to. You can find loads of cool 1970s cars in Adam-12 — like this one.
Geronimo DavidBarker 4 months ago
Old ass🤣
bnichols23 4 months ago
For a "carzy" guy these were way too easy, especially if you're an Auburn fan (the school, not the car). Warrrr Damn Eagle indeed! :)
AlF 4 months ago
Longed for a Firebird. Made do with a Gremlin. It actually was a pretty darn good car!
DrMickLETHAL AlF 3 months ago
Gremlins were like little tanks, an ex-girlfriend had one & she loved it!
JERRY6 4 months ago
11 of 11 , cars i know love watching adam 12 to spot all the old cars , some real nice cars spotted shelby mustangs , chargers barracudas corvettes and loadsof others
eric1972sea 4 months ago
my First car was a 79 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
JDnHuntsvilleAL 4 months ago
#8 was unfair. It in NO WAY looked like a TYPICAL Pinto.
AlF JDnHuntsvilleAL 4 months ago
Agreed! Who knew they made Pinto wagons?
Typical, no, but definitely easy to pick out as a Pinto from styling, even if you didn't know the car.
bnichols23 AlF 4 months ago
Any car dude who was plugged in in the 70s, even as pitiful as the situation was back then. -grin- The custom van craze royally sucked, IMNSHO.
moax429 AlF 4 months ago
My father had a 1979 Pinto Squire wagon, in a light tan (Ford called it light chamois) with the faux wood grain.

Remarkably, in 1985 it was still running, as I used it to go back to New Jersey in for my senior year of college - then a year later, back in Michigan it *finally croaked.*

I swore after that episode I would *never* drive a Ford again, *period!* (The Pinto wagon kept giving me continual problems in New Jersey while I had it.)
RogerL 4 months ago
Got 10 out of 11...would’ve had 11 but had never saw a Vega Dad had two Vegas and they were both hatchbacks. Great cars...and, nobody said “Cordoba” like Ricardo Montalban!
MrBill 4 months ago
7/11; not too bad a score for someone who knows nothing about cars and had to guess on every question.
WilliamLAllen 4 months ago
plush Corinthian leather? No such thing- it was fake, like Naugahyde! In 1975 they put a bunch of decals on the Cordoba and stuffed a 360 CID engine in it and called it a Road Runner!
They really tried to rip this one off?!
That's a Superbird!
I remember riding the school bus and passing the Plymouth dealership every morning. There were two of those Superbirds, one was florescent orange and the other was chartreuse green! So Cool!!
A 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird 440 Super Commando Six Barrel V8,
to be exact. In pristine condition, they say. One true bad ass!
AllisonWunderland 4 months ago
🏁🏁🏁 Straight to the finish line! Sped right thru this one 😁
Kim 4 months ago
I had a Gremlin plastic car that my Barbies drove around my house in when I was a young girl. Still have the Barbies, but the car got traded up for a Barbie branded Jeep. Thanks, Santa.
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