Are these the names of Have Gun - Will Travel episodes or Tom Clancy novels?

Are these covert missions more Paladin or Jack Ryan?


Image: G.P. Putnam's Sons / The Everett Collection

Clandestine missions, unique skillsets, multiple brushes with death – these things apply to both the characters in Tom Clancy novels and Paladin, the gentleman gunslinger in the classic Western Have Gun – Will Travel.

Heroes like these need dramatic titles to match their adventures. Words like "Shadows," "Evil" and, of course, "Tiger" set the tone. Given the similarities, it might be hard to tell the difference.

Can you tell which of the titles below are from episodes of Have Gun – Will Travel and which are from Tom Clancy novels?

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  1. "Three Bells to Perdido"
  2. "The Hunt for Red October"
  3. "Never Help the Devil"
  4. "The Wager"
  5. "The Sum of All Fears"
  6. "First, Catch a Tiger"
  7. "Executive Orders"
  8. "Rainbow Six"
  9. "My Brother's Keeper"
  10. "Debt of Honor"
  11. "The Bear and the Dragon"
  12. "Face of a Shadow"
  13. "A Matter of Ethics"
  14. "The Teeth of the Tiger"
  15. "In an Evil Time"

Are these the names of Have Gun - Will Travel episodes or Tom Clancy novels?

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MichaelSkaggs 17 months ago
15 out of 15. I've read many of TC's novels.
Ariel 39 months ago
12/15. I surprised myself. Some guesses.
JERRY6 39 months ago
11 of 15 , i lost that gunfight
WhiskeyGirl 39 months ago
Only missed one. Should have known The Bear and The Dragon was a Clancy title. Gah!
MichaelSkaggs 40 months ago
15/15. I didn't know the names of HG-WT episodes. However I knew the Tom Clancy novels.
DIGGER1 41 months ago
Are these the names of Have Gun - Will Travel episodes or Tom Clancy novels?
You got 14 out of 15
Were your answers on target or was there a clear and present danger of guessing wrong?
Mike 41 months ago
11 of 15. I thought I would do better.
BrianMoore 41 months ago
13 out of 15. Some of the Tom Clancy titles I've never even heard of.
MaryAnn 41 months ago
12/15 I was feeling pretty cocky till I missed the last three! 😕
AllisonWunderland MaryAnn 41 months ago
At least you knew a few 👍.....mine were all guesses
CaptainDunsel 41 months ago
I've read a lot of Tom Clancy. Just not the "posthumous" stuff they keep branding with his name.
Filmnoirfan 41 months ago
13/15 - guessed for the most part and did better than expected and results were less painful than actually reading one of those novels
justjeff 41 months ago
12/15... also a matter of guessing... I'm surprised I did that well...
texasluva 41 months ago
12 out of 15. Was mostly a guess fest for me.
AllisonWunderland 41 months ago
12/15...🤗 Ya know, here lately, it sure seems like I do really well on quizzes I know nothing about 😂
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