Can you name all these doctors from 1960s television?

They worked everywhere from the Wild West to Outer Space.

Image: Medical Center / MGM Television

Everyone needs a good doctor, even fictional characters. The medical drama first became popular in the Sixties, as soap operas (General Hospital, The Doctors) and primetime series (Medical CenterThe Bold Ones: The New Doctors) saw the story potential in hospitals.

But doctors could be found everywhere, from Dodge City to Federation starships. There were memorable medical professionals on sitcoms, sci-fi, and beyond.

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  1. Everyone called him Bones, but this 'Star Trek' doc was named…?
  2. Former 'Father Knows Best' father Robert Young began playing this doctor in 1969. It was the top-rated TV show in 1970.
    Image: The Everett Collection
  3. Richard Chamberlain starred as this handsome doc working in Blair General Hospital.
    Image: The Everett Collection
  4. Most folks in Dodge City simply called him "Doc," but this 'Gunsmoke' character was named…?
  5. Vincent Edwards headlined this medical drama.
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  6. Bernard Fox popped up when called on 'Bewitched' as this doctor.
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  7. Grayson Hall joined the cast of 'Dark Shadows' in 1967 as this character. Helena Bonham Carter played her in the 2012 movie reboot.
  8. Hayden Rorke was billed in the opening credits of 'I Dream of Jeannie' as this character.
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  9. Fred Clark appeared on several episodes of 'The Beverly Hillbillies' as this doctor.
  10. Lee Meriwether portrayed this electrobiologist on the sci-fi series 'The Time Tunnel.'
  11. Chad Everett starred as this Los Angeles surgeon in the drama 'Medical Center.'
    Image: MGM Television
  12. Finally, before Bones joined the crew, Paul Fix played this chief medical officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise in the 'Star Trek' episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before."

Can you name all these doctors from 1960s television?

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CaptainDunsel 2 months ago
That's the prescription!
#9 was purely a lucky guess. The rest I knew.
Dudeman 3 months ago
Did anyone else notice one of the choices on Question 9 was Dr. Douglas Howser? One of the youngest doctors on TV, but not one of the shows featured in this quiz ;-)
EllisClevenger 4 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
You should be the one with "M.D." after your name — Most Deductive!
You can't answer correctly, if you didn't watch the program.
Missed #7 and #12.
JERRY6 4 months ago
0 missed gannon why i thought brakket that was emergency or something?
dethLSMO89 6 months ago
7 out of 12. Most of these shows were b4 my time. I agree. Dr. Bombay was the best of all of them. He was funny all the time!
JDnHuntsvilleAL 6 months ago
Of all of these, Dr. Bombay was definitely the best. ;0
McBeeveeHere 6 months ago
11/12.... I guessed at half of them.. 😉
BrentwoodJon 6 months ago
10 out of 12
Paul Fix on Star Trek?
BrentwoodJon 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
duffer77 6 months ago
Finally a better than 4 of something. 10 of 12. Not bad
Eastenders1 6 months ago
12/12. i wish they would bring back Medical Center, Trapper John MD, Dr. Kildare and Ben Casey.
Angela Eastenders1 6 months ago
Yes. I particularly liked "Medical Center" with the gorgeous Chad Everett who made my teenaged heart go pittypat. Oh, and the stories were good too.
cannedew Eastenders1 6 months ago
I loved Trapper John! I’ve always liked medical dramas. They could bring back St. Elsewhere. ❤️
Eastenders1 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Wiseguy 6 months ago
Hayden Rorke was only billed in the opening credits in the pilot episode and I don't believe his character was mentioned.
Wiseguy 6 months ago
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HopeDuchaine 6 months ago
9/12. My favorite show was "Trapper John, MD"
MikefromJersey 6 months ago
11 for 12. They left out the "Dancing Doctor", Beverly Crusher, the red headed siren from Star Trek.
She can beam me up anytime. Woof woof.
Cowgirl 6 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
You should be the one with "M.D." after your name — Most Deductive!
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