Can you match the classic television show to its weirdly niche character?

Dedicated to those "blink and you'll miss them" characters.

Sure, maybe you know every character in the main cast of your favorite show, but how many of those niche, barely there, characters can you remember on those same shows? Here's a quiz to find out! We'll start off easy, then get harder as it goes on!

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  1. Deputy Warren Ferguson has been in eleven episodes of this television show.
  2. Danny Richards Jr. plays Swifty Sullivan in this series for two episodes.
  3. Glynis Johns played Lady Penelope Peasoup in at least three episodes of which series?
  4. Wayne Morton played Eddie Edwards in this TV series for two episodes.
  5. Pitt Herbert played Mr. Driscoll in two episodes of which series?
  6. Don Drysdale plays himself for four episodes in this series.
  7. Percy Helton played Homer Cratchit for six episodes in this television series.
  8. The band The Wellingtons play a fictional band called The Mosquitos for two episodes in this series.
  9. Tom Fadden played Ben Miller for three episodes in this series.

Can you match the classic television show to its weirdly niche character?

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SheriHeffner 10 days ago
The Welli gtons played The Mosquitoes in ONE episode! Not two.
postman50 19 days ago
The mosquitoes in two episodes? Wrong way Feldman appeared in two episodes I only remember the Mosquitoes in one.
Dysall 20 days ago
Missed #4.
Most were guesses.
tootsieg 20 days ago
4/9. Missed the 1st one and it was all downhill.
daDoctah 20 days ago
On #7, all I had to do was conjure up a picture of Percy Helton in my mind's eye and the answer became obvious.
Bapa1 21 days ago
7/9 and guessed. The Mosquitos were on GI twice?
RelicHominid006 21 days ago
5/9. Lifetime C student. Oh well. It could be worse. It could be raining….(Sound of thunder in the distance.)
ncadams27 21 days ago
Don Drysdale was also on Leave it to Beaver. Do you know two shows that Sandy Koufax appeared on playing himself and one where he played a policeman? The latter show also featured which pitcher from the Los Angeles Angels?
Bapa1 ncadams27 21 days ago
Drysdale was also on the Brady Bunch. I'm guessing Koufax appeared on Mr. Ed and The Beverly Hillbillies.
ncadams27 Bapa1 20 days ago
Sandy Koufax played himself on Dennis the Menace and Mister Ed. He played a policeman on 77 Subset Strip, which also featured (in a different episode) an appearance by pitcher Bo Belinsky.
raddad Bapa1 20 days ago
That reminds that Clint Eastwood was on Mr Ed. Quite a surprise.
richardkel 21 days ago
I scored 8/9, with a couple of guesses. Missed #6. I remember only 1 episode of Gilligan's Island that featured the Wellingtons. It was called "Don't Bug the Mosquitos" and is one of my favorite episodes. I like the part where the ladies sing. Guess I'll need to go back and check again. They did sing the theme song.
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