Can you match rock stars to the movies they starred in?

Which groups appeared in Hold On, Head, Flame and more?

You know you've made it as a rock band when an entire movie is based around your music. You're even cooler when you get to star in the movie yourself. (Although, admittedly, sometimes the acting is better left to the professionals.)

We've gathered a dozen of our favorite rock movies from the Fifties through the Eighties. We'll even show you a fragment of the movie poster.

Can you match these movies to the correct musicians?

  1. They made easy money with 'A Hard Day's Night'
    Image: United Artists
  2. This band '…Meets the Phantom of the Park' in a 1978 movie produced by Hanna-Barbera!
    Image: The Everett Collection
  3. The 1958 film 'King Creole' was a big hit for this singer
    Image: Paramount
  4. This band starred in 1979's 'Rock 'n' Roll High School'
    Image: New World Pictures
  5. Which band starred in the very strange 'Head' in 1968 — written by Jack Nicholson!
    Image: Columbia Pictures
  6. He starred in his own 'On Trick Pony' in 1980
    Image: Warner Bros.
  7. He gave Kristin Scott Thomas her screen debut in his 1986 film 'Under the Cherry Moon'
    Image: Warner Bros.
  8. 'Rock Around the Clock' centered around this band. No wonder — they sang the song
    Image: Columbia Pictures
  9. 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' was based on the Beatles album, obviously — but which rocker starred in the movie as Billy Shears?
    Image: Universal Pictures
  10. The 1966 flick 'Hold On!' starred this hot British Invasion band
    Image: MGM
  11. The 1986 movie 'True Stories' was based on the songs and album of this band
    Image: Warner Bros.
  12. The 1975 movie 'Flame' centered around this British glam band
    Image: Goodtimes Enterprises

Can you match rock stars to the movies they starred in?

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andyp777 14 days ago
Seems like most people missed #12, including me. Got the rest though. I've heard of those 3 bands, but really don't know their music. Was little kid in the 70s....
frenchman71 18 days ago
I was 11/12. Missed the last one on Slade. I vaguely remember the band but when they said British I thought of "Mott the Hoople". They did a few of David Bowie's songs. As for the first question, a ten-year old could get "Hard Day's Night".
DavidBarker 18 days ago
You got 8 out of 12
Looks like you graduated on the dean's list from Rock 'n' Roll High School! You rock!

Thought I'd do better...LOL
RicardoShillyShally 19 days ago
11/12 - I missed the glam rock question. Never been a fan of glam.
daDoctah 20 days ago
Yes, even those who missed the question now know that Peter Frampton was in the Sgt Pepper movie, but who played the actual Sgt Pepper in that film?

Why, none other than Billy Preston, the only performer credited along with the Beatles on one of their records. And the song Robert Stigwood had him sing in that movie was "Get Back". On the rooftop!
KSquared 20 days ago
You got 12 out of 12
Looks like you graduated on the dean's list from Rock 'n' Roll High School! You rock!
AgingDisgracefully 20 days ago
Mentioning them is not an act of kindness.
Now...some more meaningless results!!
jvf 20 days ago
Number 6 should read "One Trick Pony", not "On"
olddogg 20 days ago
No Spinal Tap or Rutles. This quiz did not go to
Evan 20 days ago
11/12. To be honest, without the posters I'd have done much worse.
Barry22 21 days ago
How can you forget The Who and Tommy?
Catman 21 days ago
8/12 ... Of course I got the Beatles' questions.
A memorable and sadly timely one they didn't mention here was "The Girl Can't Help It" which starred Jayne Mansfield and showcased (among others) Little RIchard.
Oingo Boingo, with Danny Elfman in "Back to School" was another good one .
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