Can you match M*A*S*H characters to their hometowns?

Which member of the 4077th was from the 419 area code?

The doctors, nurses, and soldiers of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital came from all over the United States. 

M*A*S*H was all about the wonderfully developed characters. They all seemed to be a product of their backgrounds, whether they were from small towns in the Midwest or the upper crust of the East Coast.

Let's see if you remember where the major characters called home. Match the hometowns to the M*A*S*H characters!

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  1. Which character called Toledo, Ohio, home?
  2. Hawkeye came from Maine — but what is the name of his hometown?
  3. This character's roots trace back to Fort Ord, California.
  4. Who called Mill Valley, California, home?
  5. Which character called Hannibal, Missouri, home? Hint: It helps to remember the spin-offs.
  6. His hometown was Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  7. Radar is from Iowa. Name his hometown.
  8. Who came from Bloomington, Illinois?
  9. This Pacific city was the hometown of Nurse Kellye.
  10. Winchester came from which East Coast metropolis?
  11. Trapper John came from this East Coast metropolis.
  12. Father Mulcahy called this city home.

Can you match M*A*S*H characters to their hometowns?

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leannie429 19 days ago
11/12. My finger slipped on the Margaret question!
bukhrn 1 month ago
11/12, I never knew Trapper and Charles were from the same town.
Olivia_Reed 3 months ago

I got "12 ou to 12." Gosh, I'm so proud.
Chakkuri 7 months ago
13/14. Thought I was gonna ace this until I tripped up on Trapper John.
RichardKeller Chakkuri 3 months ago
He was a NY doctor n the TV series......which I never watched.
scp 8 months ago
11 out of 12. Missed Trapper John, and I should have known it; I've read the book.
candybaroque 9 months ago
asdjlkasdhfsd Charles would Throttle Trapper, no Way theyre both from boston
Snickers 9 months ago
4 out of 12 always hated that show.
MichaelSkaggs 9 months ago
12 out of 12. Had to guess on some of them.
leebillyold 9 months ago
12/12 This is weird, Radar went home last week, uncle Ted passed away, and tonight he is back at 4077th MASH Liking a nurse, Why out of order?

LOVE STORY,,, Radar gets a Dear John recording from home. Hawkeye and Trapper try to set him up with a date, but fail. Radar is taken by a new nurse at the camp and she is into poetry and music, so they coach him. at the camp and she is into poetry and music,
mjsmith710 9 months ago
11 of 12... missed number 11.
thecutiefactor 9 months ago
I , accidentally hit the wrong answer on #3. Fat fingers lol
EllisClevenger 9 months ago
You got 11 ou to 12
A toast! You sure know your sitcom geography.
Missed #11
Raso 10 months ago
I should have had 12 out 22 never missed an episode
CathyK 10 months ago
I got 11 out of 12, but you say I got 10 out of 12...WTF?
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