Can you identify the classic sitcom just by the family car?

See if you can beep… beep… beat this one!

The Mod Squad had their awesome Dodge Challenger and Magnum chased down bad guys in a candy red Ferrari, but it was just action heroes who got to drive cool cars on television. Sure, a station wagon might not be an Italian roadster, but back in the day, family wheels had style.

We went through some of our favorite sitcoms and snapped pictures of some famous families' automobiles. See if you can name the TV series by a shot of the car alone. If you need some hints, many of these titles can be streamed on our page.

Don't be a speed demon! Think it through, as it might get tricky towards the end. Good luck!
  1. Who drove this neat Jeep?
  2. Which family cruised around in this sweet Plymouth Satellite?
  3. This ol' beater could even beat a hot rod. Who owned it?
  4. Which dad got to work fast in this Plymouth Fury?
  5. Who zipped about in this sporty blue Camaro?
  6. They didn't use it much, but this family kept a cool Mustang in the garage.
  7. Speaking of Mustangs, who had this drop-top?
  8. A notable husband taught his wife to drive this 1957 Ford Custom on which sitcom?
  9. Which family got the entire gang inside this Chevy Impala Wagon?
  10. Another driving lesson! Who learned to drive this 1974 Dodge Dart in a memorable episode?
Can you identify the classic sitcom just by the family car?

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