Can you guess which Western these TV stars are talking about?

Prove you've got the quickest ear in the West.

TV Western fans know there's a big difference between shows like Bonanza and Gunsmoke, and today that familiarity is going to come in real handy.

We've gone through interviews with some of the biggest stars and influential producers in TV Western history, pulling cool stories and intriguing insights that any fan would love to hear. 

Just read through these snippets below and see if you can figure out which TV Western they're talking about. Good luck!
  1. The producer of this show shared this insight into what made it special: “The guest stars. I think it raised the level of the stories beyond other shows. We had good chemistry between our scout and our wagonmaster … but I really think that driving writers to think in terms of real deep characters, we began to get a different kind of show.”
  2. One of the cast members on this show once explained: “You know why we always wore the same costume? Because the stock footage that they’d shoot. We’d go up to Lake Tahoe … shoot a couple shows, and have our doubles dress up in our costumes and go gallivanting across the prairie.”
  3. The star of this show once explained: “This term ‘adult Western’ was introduced and overused, but that’s what it was. Because almost every Western series … were slanted mainly at the kids. So when it came time to do the television show, we used the scripts from the old radio shows for most of our first two or three seasons.”
  4. The young star on this Western remembered this of his co-star: "I would get Chuck to ride horses with me. I remember the first time we were working at the 20th Century Fox Ranch, we rode up to the lake there and went camping."
  5. The star of this show revealed: “Most of the [props] actually worked. The gun that would come out of my wrist worked, the gun in the heel of my boot worked. Most of them worked.”
  6. The star of this show explained the chemistry on set: “Everybody got along fairly well on that series. Sheb Wooley was a great friend of mine. We used to go out and sing at the Palomino Club or do something crazy.”
  7. A cast member on this Western described why it was unique: “The whole show is like a fairytale Western. It’s not realistic, but he built a whole city out there … and Michael Landon was just a wonderful producer. He ran the whole show.”
  8. The announcer on this show described its memorable opening: “We did the opening, but not the way we did it on radio. They cut it down, so it opened just with ‘fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty ‘Hi-yo, silver!’ … That came on with him galloping in on the white horse.”
  9. A guest star on this show described the star: “Boone was definitely a method actor. … He and Steve McQueen, they have stage movements that allow them to size you up and then say the line, and it’s very effective.”
  10. The star on this show explained a memorable cast addition: “I was making them as fast as I could, but we were losing a day a week … and we knew we were gonna run out of shows to put on in a couple of months. And that’s where they came up with the idea of the brother. So, he could do one, I could do one, we could do one together.”

Can you guess which Western these TV stars are talking about?

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ndebrabant 1 month ago
You got 10 out of 10
Wanna hear more from these interviews? They're all linked below! (For Television Academy links, click on "Who Talked About This Show" and look for the names below for each show.)
LindaWilliams 2 months ago
You got 10 out of 10

Wanna hear more from these interviews? They're all linked below! (For Television Academy links, click on "Who Talked About This Show" and look for the names below for each show.)
Geronimo 7 months ago
Easy quiz...........................10/10
NorthRidge 7 months ago
I got 9/10. Would have been 10/10 but I clicked the answers too fast! My favorite is "The Rifleman."
TVJunkie 7 months ago
Yes, much too simple. I'm in total agreement with McCourt.
MaryHelen 7 months ago
9/10 the description was definitely Gunsmoke-- I didn't think/know it had been on radio. Little house on the prairie was NOT NOT a western!!!
Geronimo MaryHelen 7 months ago
Doesnt matter, everything is western.
JDnHuntsvilleAL MaryHelen 7 months ago
I knew "Gunsmoke" had been on the radio, but so was "The Lone Ranger" which is the one I chose.
CarrieMcCourt 7 months ago
10/10 Got them all, but was somewhat disappointed that the questions were made so simple. I think it would have been a bit more challenging if, instead of using names or tag lines, blanks were utilized.
TomTerrrific 7 months ago
10/10 -- Yes, this was pretty easy from the internal clues, but you still had to know the shows well enough to pick up on those clues. Pretty good quiz.
wanderer2575 7 months ago
10/10. I know very little about Westerns, but some of these were ridiculously obvious -- the "wagonmaster" of #1? "Chuck" of #4? "Hi-yo Silver" of #8? "Boone" of #9? "The "brother" of #10? All giveaways!
DiscoDave 8 months ago
Surprised I got 10 out of 10. Guessed a few for sure.
MrBill 8 months ago
9/10; Despite not being a fan of westerns, I did very well on this quiz.
JeffTanner 8 months ago
I got 9 out of 10 ---------Got #2 wrong.
UTZAAKE 8 months ago
8/10. Foiled by 1 and 5. Too many obvious clues in 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
booster 8 months ago
10/10 Westerns were always my favorite.
BuckeyeBeth 8 months ago
10/10 😄
Some of the links to the interviews are broken though. 😕
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