Which decade had the best food?

Do you miss the snacks from your childhood?

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Maybe your parents never kept things like unhealthy cakes in the pantry, or maybe since you've grown up you realized that you actually feel better when most of your sustenance doesn't come out of a crinkly bag. 

However, MeTV quizzes are all about pretending, and today we're going to think back at that delicious junk food that you snacked on while watching your favorite cartoons (even if you had to sneak it at your friend's house.) Pick your favorite foods in the next 10 questions and we'll tell you which era matches up with your snacking habits!
  1. It's the most important meal of the day! What would you rather have for breakfast?
  2. What's in your ideal lunch box?
  3. What are you snacking on after a long day?
  4. Which chocolate candy sounds best?
  5. Not all of the best candies are chocolate, though.
  6. Remember the heyday of snack cakes? Which was your favorite?
  7. Nothing like a nice bag of chips. Which do you prefer?
  8. Hope you're not too full for dinner! Which quick meal would you want to whip up?
  9. Got room for dessert? What's your favorite cookie?
  10. What homemade dessert do you prefer?

Which decade had the best food?

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mjp 24 months ago
High school class of '78 and I did get the 1970's! I was a Pringle fanatic!
WILD 31 months ago
You love the 1960s!
You like the classic tastes of the 1960s! We had things to see and places to go, so instant food was starting to fly off the shelves.

I couldn't even tell what the desserts were by the pictures, so I just chose the one that looked the best of the three (Sometimes descriptions are a necessity).
idkwut2use 47 months ago
You love the 1980s!

Diet foods were all the rage in the '80s, but that doesn't mean we didn't still enjoy an indulgent snack or two!
ndebrabant 56 months ago

You love the 1960s!
You like the classic tastes of the 1960s! We had things to see and places to go, so instant food was starting to fly off the shelves.
Michael51202800 62 months ago
Also how could they leave out "Pepsi Free."
Michael51202800 62 months ago
my appetite is from the 60's!!! I do miss the pudding pies
Kevin 62 months ago
#3, What are you snaking on? Hot Pockets and Cup O Noodles are lunch or dinner
TomTerrrific 62 months ago
I got the 60's too, but a lot of the time I was thinking, "Where's the 'none of the above' button?"
Beta6 62 months ago
I got the 60's. I had to make a choice of some of the things I would not have chosen in real life..but I had to choose something in the quiz.
DiscoDave 62 months ago
Hmmmmmm.........I got the 1980's ?
UTZAAKE 62 months ago
"You love the 1970s!"
3. That may be the case, but Bugles, which was introduced in the 1960's, is a bona fide addiction!
10. Very rarely do I brag, but my parents made the best pineapple upside-down cake...ever!
AllisonWunderland UTZAAKE 62 months ago
Yay! I love pineapple upsidedown cake...
richardkel 62 months ago
I got the 60's. Makes sense, since I was a kid back then. Wish I could get Banana Flips again. We used to freeze them, and then eat them in slices.
EllisClevenger 62 months ago
You love the 1970s!
When you think of 1970s food, the first thing that might come to mind is Jell-O everything. While the decade definitely specialized in entertainment food, it was also when fast food got so popular.
According to the possible choices, it's the 1970s.
According to my taste buds, it's the 50s and 60s.
'Greasy spoons' always had good food, fast.
Wow! No one knows that term "greasy spoon", thank you very much! In the late 70's we used to go to a hamburger place downtown...really don't know the name of it coz we all called it "the greasy spoon" diner....boy, sure was good!!
teire 62 months ago
Got 60s, did more actual snacking in the 70s, but they are not far off. Everything looked pretty good to me, guess I have retro taste buds.
AllisonWunderland teire 62 months ago
Totally agree...
cperrynaples 62 months ago
got the 70's which was my decade!
Lantern 62 months ago
That center photo in #10 is from "The Joys of Jello", a booklet that General Foods issued in the 60's! My mom sent for one, and I still have it. Most of the photos in it are b/w - this is one of the few color ones.
In the center photo in #2, what is the kid holding up? A giant bagel? A slice of lunch meat with a hole in it?
gatorgirl Lantern 62 months ago
teire Lantern 62 months ago
Yes, it looks like bologna.
"My Bologna has a first name, it's O-s-c-a-r, My bologna has a second name, it's M-a-y-e-r...."
Barry22 62 months ago
70's for me, I reckon.
AllisonWunderland Barry22 62 months ago
Hell yeah! Go 1970's!!!
AndrewHass 62 months ago
I love the 80s it seems.
DOOL came out in the 60's.....still watch it!😉🤙👌
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