Can you guess which TV actors are actually siblings?

All of them had hair of gold, like their mother ...

Throughout TV history, it's been common for siblings to share the screen. Sometimes they star together in their own show. Other times, one famous sibling may host another lesson known sibling as a guest star.

So when it comes to stars who share the same name or bear a strong resemblance, you can hardly blame TV fans for wondering: Are these two actors related?

That's the question we're putting to you now. Can you tell which pairs are the real celebrity siblings — from the ones that we made up? Take the quiz and find out!
  1. Are Roger Moore and Mary Tyler Moore brother and sister?
     Roger Moore Image: AP Photo
  2. Are Barry Williams and Cindy Williams brother and sister?
  3. Are James Arness and Peter Graves brothers?
  4. Are Garry Marshall and Penny Marshall brother and sister?
     Image: AP Photo
  5. Are Angela Cartwright and Veronica Cartwright sisters?
  6. Are Dixie Carter and Lynda Carter sisters?
  7. Are Ron Howard and Clint Howard brothers?
  8. Are Dick Van Dyke and Jerry Van Dyke brothers?
  9. Are Chuck Connors and Mike Connors brothers?
  10. Are Tim Daly and Tyne Daly brother and sister?
  11. Are David and Robert Carradine brothers?
  12. Are Jack Garner and James Garner brothers?
     Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Can you guess which TV actors are actually siblings?

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LynCarceo 30 months ago
Missed the last one. Don't know Jack Garner.
Runeshaper 57 months ago
You got 8 out of 12
Don't worry if you mistook a few actors who share a name for — they're the professionals at making us believe they can be just about anybody.

Didn't do that great, but I learned a bit!
ndebrabant 65 months ago

You got 11 out of 12
You're the real deal when it comes to recognizing siblings!
Missed the last one.
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