Can you guess which show featured these American flags?

Can you match the stars and stripes with the correct TV series?

Image: Jakob Owens on Unsplash

American flags pop up all over classic TV, from classrooms to court rooms, and every star-spangled banner waved in between.

Think you can tell which TV show is showing patriotism in the scenes below? The biggest fans of classic TV will catch each and every flag. Good luck!

  1. We saw this American flag march out in the opening credits of every episode of this '60s show:
  2. This flag proudly hung in the opening credits of which drama?
  3. Every time the deputy visited the sheriff on this show, we saw this flag behind his desk. Which show was it?
  4. This NASA satellite made for a memorable episode when it landed on this classic show:
  5. You likely were singing along with the theme song when you saw this flag wave in the opening credits of which 1970s show?
  6. There's flags in just about every classroom in the country, but you'll likely recognize this familiar scene from which classic show?
  7. This flag hung high overheard on every episode of this often campy hit show:
  8. In a dream sequence on this hit '80s show, two of the series stars ran against each other to become President. Which show is it?
  9. This action-packed classic show largely took place in the nation's capital. Which show is it?
  10. On this hit '90s show, a "Miss Liberty" pageant divided cast members in the memorable episode "Fourth of July." Which show is it?
  11. This '60s show managed to mix patriotism with the primal man. Which show is it?
  12. One last salute to flags on classic TV: On which 1950s show did we see this soldier?

Can you guess which show featured these American flags?

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