Think you know the names of 1990s TV theme songs?

Don't be afraid to ask some 'Friends' for help.

The Nineties sure had some memorable opening credits, from the slap bass of Seinfeld to the slap bass of Law & Order, from the fountain of Friends to the fountain of Married… With Children.

Hmm… I guess we were really into slap bass and fountains back then. Anyway, even if you can sing the lyrics and hum the melodies, coming up with the actual names of the theme songs can be tough.

Let's see how sharp your 1990s pop culture trivia skills are. Good luck!
  1. 'Married… With Children' used this classic Frank Sinatra tune over shots of Chicago's Buckingham Fountain.
  2. The Rembrandts jangled through this song as the 'Friends' friends splashed in a fountain.
  3. Kelsey Grammer sang this unlikely meal of a song for 'Frasier.'
  4. Joe Cocker belted this Beatles classic from 'Sgt. Peppers' to kick off 'The Wonder Years.'
  5. Will Smith rapped this theme song for 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.'
  6. For the nostalgia of 'That '70s Show,' Cheap Trick rocked a cover of this Big Star song.
  7. This moody intro to 'Twin Peaks' by Angelo Badalamenti became an ambient classic.
  8. How about the name of the 'Full House' theme?
  9. See if you know the official title to the 'Family Matters' theme.
  10. The funky rock instrumental at the start of 'Home Improvement' had a funny name. What was it?
  11. The jazzy piano-and-vocal theme to 'Mad About You' had a theme song that brought to mind the original Star Trek opening. What was it?

Think you know the names of 1990s TV theme songs?

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rycki1138 32 months ago
10 out of 11. I missed Home Improvement.
DerekBird 32 months ago
You got 7 out of 11
As if! Whatever! Maybe the '90s aren't your specialty. You'll totally crush another quiz.

90s Tv sucked and blew.
idkwut2use 39 months ago

Top 3 songs of those:
3) Full House
2) Friends
1) Wonder Years
DouglasMorris 46 months ago
9/11! missed numbers 7 and 11.
TexasGreek 52 months ago
You got 7 out of 11

Worked long, late hours during this time period. Did not see at least half of these.
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