Can you guess what shows these Star Wars actors are in?

Before a galaxy far, far away, these stars had guest spots in sitcoms, Westerns and crime shows much closer to home.


Upon the release of the original Star Wars in 1977, three little-known actors became household names. Harrison Ford appeared in small roles on TV throughout the Sixties and Seventies, Mark Hamill was just starting his acting career with only a few television bit parts and Carrie Fisher, the daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, had mostly avoided show business altogether.

That all changed when the trio burst onto the scene in a galaxy far, far away. Even relatively famous actors, like Hammer horror actor Peter Cushing, were introduced to a whole new generation thanks to the iconic sci-fi movie.

Here are famous Star Wars faces as seen on TV in sitcoms, Westerns and crime shows. Can you guess which series Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and the rest are on?

  1. Harrison Ford wore a top hat in which Western?
  2. Carrie Fisher guest starred on which sitcom?
  3. Before he played a Death Star commander, Peter Kushing appeared in which spy series?
  4. Horror icon Christopher Lee played Count Dooku in the Star Wars prequels and also appeared in a creepy episode of which series?
  5. Speaking of the prequels, Mace Windu himself Samuel L. Jackson appeared in which show early in his career?
  6. Before he neglected his chores on Tatooine, Mark Hamill played a farm boy on which detective series?
  7. David Prowse swapped Darth Vader's helmet for a kilt on...
  8. Billy Dee Williams found himself on the wrong side of a crime-fighting team in...
  9. That's Luke Skywalker's uncle Owen (Phil Brown) in an episode of...
  10. Both Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams appeared in the same episode of which short-lived Burt Reynolds show?

Can you guess what shows these Star Wars actors are in?

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JanFresh 25 months ago
Imma huge starwars fan, but I never knew they were in any of these shows.
Dajj 25 months ago
7/10 I remember some of those shows. Peter Cushing, not Kushing, was one of my fav horror actors, along with Christopher Lee, the second best Dracula!!
Kergooliewyn 25 months ago
5/10😖 I think this is referred to as... half bad.
MrBill 25 months ago
2/10; tough quiz - had to guess on every question and did poorly.
ClassicTVnut MrBill 25 months ago
I got 2/10 also! I guess I'm not very good at guessing.
AlF 25 months ago
Hahaha! I did it! Zero out of ten!
TZ_TAGS_59NC AlF 25 months ago
Congratulations!! 😁
kkvegas AlF 25 months ago
I got zero out of three and gave up!
ClassicTVnut AlF 25 months ago
Makes me feel better about my 2/10!
dmirarh 25 months ago
You got 3 out of 10. Nailed it..
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