Answer these job interview questions and we’ll tell you where you would work in Mayberry

Would you work in the sheriff’s office, the barbershop, the filling station or maybe as the county clerk?

The Andy Griffith Show introduced millions of people to the quaint little town of Mayberry, North Carolina. The show’s endearing legacy continues to this day because of the joy that the town and its quirky residents bring to viewers all over the world.

Any fan of the classic sitcom has likely imagined themselves living in Mayberry alongside Andy, Barney, Aunt Bee, Floyd and the rest. Let’s say you found a nice place to live in town. Now it’s time to find a job!

Answer these interview questions and we’ll tell you where you would work in Mayberry!

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  1. Let’s start with general questions. Is the majority of your work experience in the public or private sector?
  2. Would you rather start your own business or work for an established company?
  3. What would you like to wear on the job?
  4. Which of these industries interests you most?
  5. What do you look for most in a position?
  6. Which strength stands out as your best?
  7. How do you approach rules and procedures on the job?
  8. What hours would you like to work?
  9. What do you find most rewarding about a job?
  10. Which Mayberry character reminds you of a coworker you've had?

Answer these job interview questions and we’ll tell you where you would work in Mayberry

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ETristanBooth 1 month ago
Indeed I am a teacher, but I teach at a university, not a gradeschool. I don't think I could handle that. In Mayberry, I think I'd rather be Howard Sprague.
Debbie 2 months ago
You would be a chef!
Whether you open a storefront or run a business from your home kitchen, you've always got customers clamoring for your cooking. Like Aunt Bee, you have a way with food, even if one particular recipe doesn't quite work out.
snowbird1234 2 months ago
I wold be a chef I can’t even boil water
Oldie79 2 months ago
A chef? i don't think so. I was a bookkeeper in a previous life and loved working with numbers. Of course, I haven't worked since 1964...great to retire at the age of 21.
ironman2000 2 months ago
I'm a Chef. In Mayberry, that would work
Mimi1130 2 months ago
My answer: "You would be a schoolteacher!
You are patient and kind, not to mention incredibly smart. You would be a great teacher at Mayberry's elementary school right alongside Helen Crump."

Pretty accurate, since I was a Preschool Teacher in real life.
19611313 3 months ago
I took it again and this time it says that i love to throw rocks...
mflemon 3 months ago
I can't wait to find out who's that is
Ashaki 3 months ago
A chef??? Ummm I don’t think so
ChasingRainbows67 3 months ago
A sheriff.... WOW 😳😲. I'm not sure about
19611313 3 months ago
It told me i would be the town drunk..
Coldnorth 19611313 3 months ago
I would be Floyd. A big gossip. Welllllll. Lol
ruadh202 3 months ago
"You would be fix-it store owner!
You like to work with your hands and enjoy helping people. Like Emmett Clark, you can fix just about anything and would fit right in working at his store."
gockionni 3 months ago
County Clerk - nah, not a number cruncher. But I could croon out, “Oh the apple treeeEEees, swaying in the breeeEEeeze” on my bongos lol
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