Can you match these election episodes to the correct TV shows?

Step into the booth and make your picks.


From local races to real Presidential head-to-heads, elections popped up from time to time on classic television. Some of your favorite characters have run for city council, sheriff and mayor. They have stumped for Eisenhower, Ford and Carter.

We captured some images from memorable episodes involving elections.

See if you can recognize the TV series from a single frame!

  1. He ran for mayor? Si!
  2. "Nertz" to Mertz!
  3. Recognize this voting booth?
  4. Linseed and Goldwinner were the opposition.
  5. Gatling for Governor
  6. Carlson for City Council
  7. We Wives Want Ellie
  8. These two were watching the results come in for the 1976 election on which sitcom?
  10. Who liked Ike?
  11. Jackie Cooper's character's slogan was "His Own Man"
  12. Mel Torme for President

Can you match these election episodes to the correct TV shows?

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Lillyrose 41 months ago
9 out of 12. Please bring back WKRP in Cincinnati!
CrowTServo 43 months ago
The one I missed was pure carelessness. D’oh!!!
Toot1956 43 months ago
12/12 Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Filmnoirfan 43 months ago
11/12 - missed the last one - foiled again by Mel Torme. Not the first time and probably not the last time
Pacificsun 43 months ago
Actually the funniest "election" episode was on Frasier, when he was asked to do a TV spot promo. I won't include the spoiler. But the first time that it's watched is hilarious!
EllisClevenger 44 months ago
You got 12 out 12
How many did you tally?
BettyJaneMaye 44 months ago
wow who would have thought that the real life election would be more fictitious than any show on METV?! There are lies, spin, theft, biased news journalist, social media and celebrities conspiring to steal the election, then an announcement of a fake winner, and finally a divided nation with one half caring less about the rule of law and the other half sickened that their once great nation is looking more and more like Nazi Germany. Yet wait this just in.........a surprise ending??......maybe the bad guys lose just when they think their evil plot has succeeded when the courts take it over and rule on truth and the actual facts.
Normally, I dislike political posturing, here.
This is my refuge, and lately, I have felt like a refugee.
But, you make a damn good point.
Maybe, we'll be lucky. and, like 'Family Guy', 'DALLAS' and 'Newhart'
we'll awake to find it's been a terrible dream.
Daizy531 44 months ago
12/12 the last question was a Guess but I got them all right...
PINKYLEE 44 months ago
12/12 #10 was a dead give away. Happy Days was the only one of those 3 that aired in color.
FLETCH 44 months ago
11 out 12... I rushed #8. Had I taken a second I would have noticed the Brady kitchen
Moverfan 44 months ago
This quiz made me me think of a first-season episode of Hearts Afire--the gentleman who played Punky Brewster's adoptive dad was a senator and John Ritter, Markie Post and Billy Bob Thornton were members of his staff. For some reason, they had to vacate the office, so they set up shop at John's house. At one point, John and the senator are watching Dan Quayle whine, cry and pitch a fit because Murphy Brown decided to be a single mother. The senator asks John what Quayle's talking about and, after John explains, asks him "Doesn't he know she's a fictional character?". (No, sir, he probably doesn't to this day--and he also missed the part where her ex-husband, the baby's father, says he's got "more important things to do" than stay around and raise a child. Probably still wondering why people think he's an idiot, too.)
Wiseguy Moverfan 44 months ago
I'm no fan of Quayle, but of course, he knew it was a fictional character. I believe he even mentions that fact in his speech (dialogue had to cover that when the shot was shown on Murphy Brown, where the character was real). He was commenting on the depiction of a single mother , a lead character on a popular sitcom becoming a norm. Again, let's not re-write history.
Moverfan Wiseguy 43 months ago
And let's not forget that he completely missed and/or ignored her ex-husband's response to learning he was going to be a father--"I can't stay here and raise a child, I have more important things to do!"
Wenatchee7 44 months ago
12/12 Nice to see a WKRP and Night Court question.
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