Can you guess what decade these vintage Christmas ads are from?

These ads from Christmases past sell everything from soda to cigarettes.

Along with decorations, eggnog, and carols comes another inevitable Christmas tradition— holiday advertising. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing— some Christmas promotions have become iconic. Others are just downright strange.

Here is a selection of vintage ads from the 1950s to the 1980s. Can you place each one in the right decade?

  1. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Coca-Cola
  2. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Singer
  3. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Sears
  4. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Bell
  5. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Kodak
  6. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Motorola
  7. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Smith-Corona
  8. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Tiffany & Co.
  9. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Tareyton
  10. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Nash Motors
  11. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Atari
  12. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Roadmaster
  13. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Alcoa
  14. What decade is this Christmas ad from?
    Image: Sears

Can you guess what decade these vintage Christmas ads are from?

Your Result...

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Blondie7 8 months ago
10/14 Guessed 70's for Star Wars toys.
MrBill 10 months ago
9/14; tough quiz - not too bad of a score
Hogansucks1 10 months ago
# 9- Santa with a black eye and a cig hanging !! What a riot !!!😂
Hogansucks1 Hogansucks1 10 months ago
And # 3- I would pay anyone out there for that Complete ‘Return of the Jedi’ toy set nowadays. MAN OH MAN !! 😊 Love it
Terrence 10 months ago
I cannot believe my score 😮
JERRY6 10 months ago
6 of 14 some are hard because the items were available and adverted in kore than 1 decade
frenchman71 10 months ago
10/14. I started out terrible but I slowed down a bit and thought them thru and did much better toward the end. On question #8 I tried to remember what type of jewelry women would be wearing that type of Tiffany.
bnichols23 10 months ago
12. Smith-Corona & Bell System tripped me up, which was embarrassing. OTOH, I *had* a Roadmaster, *&* hadn't thought of Tareytons in years!
frenchman71 bnichols23 10 months ago
I remember that Tareyton commercial. "Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch". Sadly, cigarette ads on TV were dead in 1970. Some of the best ads were for cigarettes.
moax429 frenchman71 10 months ago
I was born in April 1962. When I was just a little kid in the 60's, those Tareyton ads shocked the living hell out of me, possibly because it made me think of a nasty neighbor who lived down the street from us in Warren, Michigan. He and his wife were definitely two people you'd want to *avoid* like the plague.
Hogansucks1 frenchman71 10 months ago
🤣 🥴 🚬
bnichols23 frenchman71 10 months ago
And people would get on *Winston* for "bad grammar"! -laugh-
Thomas 10 months ago
11/14 plus one tablet malfunction on #14.
Pacificsun 10 months ago
It's one thing to be a model smoking in a cigarette ad, but why does he have to look drunk AND smoking too?
BrentwoodJon Pacificsun 10 months ago
He's not drunk he's stoned!
Pacificsun BrentwoodJon 10 months ago
Great one!!!!! Thanks! 😉
bnichols23 Pacificsun 10 months ago
Nah, he was grinning because he busted the other guy up & won the fight.
JERRY6 Pacificsun 10 months ago
it was the 60's drunk and stoned was the norm
AllisonWunderland JERRY6 10 months ago
LOL...The stoned part still is 😎😂🤣
NevaMo 10 months ago
I'd love to have that bike.
BrentwoodJon NevaMo 10 months ago
I'd pay $1000. for that bike right now!
bnichols23 NevaMo 10 months ago
To sell, but definitely not to ride. Those old fat-tire cruisers were hell on Earth, but we didn't have anything better back then. No 27-speed derailleurs even thought of -- best you could do was a 3-speed hub.
justjeff 10 months ago
9/14. That's what I get for celebrating Chanukah... and we don't get any magazine ads either!

"Hey kids! Sick of spinning that same old dreidel while overstuffed on chocolate coins? Tell mom and day you want the new Atari game console with "Attack of the Maccabees"... it's a GREAT Chanukah gift, and it only costs 89 shekels! Oy vey! Get one today!"
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Pacificsun justjeff 10 months ago
Not that youth is learning cursive writing anymore, my hunch is double spaces were encouraged to more clearly define the separation of sentences. As a practical matter. However with electronic input now the norm an extra space could be a wasteful use of space. And some sources of input will remove excess space anyway.

But I agree, when grammar becomes a game of one up man ship it's lost it's purpose. When content is sacraficed by the distraction. On the other hand, learning never hurt anyone.
justjeff Pacificsun 10 months ago
To be fair, you're technically correct - but I've seen (and also have used) single quotes to isolate a lesser point, while double quotes were used for titles - such as : "The Werewolf" was a so-called 'horror film', but I found it quite amusing...

Truth be told, in today's "Modern America" (double quotes intended) you'll be hard-pressed to find many who know and understand punctuational etiquette. Look at how many people mix-up plural 's' with possessive 's' (single quotes intentional)...

Even Walgreen's dropped their apostrophe some years back (supposedly because of "texting English") to become Walgreens. Thing is, Charles Walgreen (*not* Walgreens) was the company's founder.

I've even seen things like "Johns store" and doo-wop groups with their name on the record label spelled as "The Four Hunter's" [band name here was phony - just an example]

To quote Rhett Butler (as I've done before)... "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"
Pacificsun justjeff 10 months ago
Your kind reply is appreciated! Glad we found the same side of fence to be on, with a nod to decent education!! Thank you teachers!
bnichols23 justjeff 10 months ago
I hate to say, that makes me feel really gelty.....
AllisonWunderland 10 months ago
13/14...#11 got me 😜 I should've looked closer at the ad 👀 Well, that'll learn me 😂
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All I have is an iPad (an old one at that) 😂 But it was really my fault for just glancing at the "Atari" name and assuming it was the older one....I'll be paying closer attention next time and thank you for the magnifying tip 😉
As I remember pong was just hitting the big/chain bars in 79
Yep! That's it 👍 I had one my Senior year in HS, '79 😎
JERRY6 BrentwoodJon 10 months ago
i played pond on a buddies cable tv in the early 70's . it's been around a long time
CaptainDunsel 10 months ago
I guess I came unstuck in time...?
harlow1313 CaptainDunsel 10 months ago
So it goes...
Kenner 10 months ago
Nothing says Merry Christmas more than a smoking Santa.
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What does Jolly Old Saint Nick have packed into the bowl of his pipe? He has that glassy eyed look about him. Has the North Pole legalized marijuana? }For both medical and recreational use.} Well, whatever's he's smoking, he looks like he's tripping on something!
Speaking of flying: Anybody seen that Red Bull commercial? According to it, folks won't be hearing the "prancing and pawing of each little hoof" on their rooftops this Christmas Eve. The reindeer aren't too happy about Santa sprouting wings courtesy of Red Bull! I like like this commercial and the two from Duluth Trading {The one where Santa crashes through roof, and my favorite part, [I thought it was a clever idea!] where we get the Tree's POV on what it's like to be decorated. I wonder if the tree thinks being wrapped with Christmas lights, is the equivalent to being wrapped with barbed wire?!?!
I said two Duluth ones, but I think all of this is in one ad.
It would sort of explain his endlessly "Jolly" state, wouldn't it? (And the epic case of milk-and-cookie munchies for that matter!)
BrentwoodJon MaryAnn 10 months ago
Cough ? that was a Tareyton it couldn't make a nonsmoker cough!
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