Can you guess these classic TV cops from the movies they were in?

These actors were in everything from Cleopatra to Spiderman!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how many different projects an actor can be involved in over the course of their career. You may know them primarily as one character but someone else could love them for something completely different!

Here are ten actors who were all on classic police shows. They also happened to act in many movies either before, after or sometimes while their show was on the air. Can you guess the TV cop from the movies they were in?

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  1. This actor could do both drama and comedy, just look at the films he was in! Who is it?
  2. Before playing a cop on TV, this actor appeared in many movies, including these three.
  3. Which police procedural actor appeared in these three very different movies?
  4. One actor from these films played a detective on what 1980s cop show?
  5. Which TV cop was in all three of these movies?
  6. Which TV detective was in these three movies?
  7. Who played a detective on TV but also starred alongside Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson and Spiderman?
  8. Who was in these movies, two with Charlton Heston, before landing a role on a popular police show?
  9. Who was in these three movies before and after they played a cop on TV?
  10. Which actor appeared in these three sequel movies after playing a cop on TV?

Can you guess these classic TV cops from the movies they were in?

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Snickers 6 months ago
5/10 never saw most of theses movies.
MsTerry 26 months ago
This was harder than I thought, I got 7 out of 10
MichaelNivens 27 months ago
This was a tough one - only got 6/10 - would have got 7/10 - my Instinct told me to pick Don Johnson ,but I didn't
msglenn 27 months ago
4 of 10, guessed
MichaelNivens msglenn 27 months ago
I guessed at several- this was a tough one
Wenatchee7 27 months ago
9/10 and to think I only new 3 for sure. For my next job I will be guessing your weight at the town carnival.
dethLSMO89 27 months ago
8 out of 10. Much better than my first time.
daDoctah 27 months ago
2 out of 10. Why do I even bother?
Catman 27 months ago
That was horrible. I should be arrested. 5/10 and most of the ones I got right were guesses.
I was kinda hoping they'd mention that Raymond Burr was in the US release of Godzilla.
ScarlettKaiju Catman 27 months ago
Raymond Burr would have been a natural for this quiz, since he had such a varied career in films. Probably the young 'uns who made this quiz forgot that in addition to being the most famous TV lawyer of all time, he was a cop too!
MichaelNivens Catman 27 months ago
And James Arness In Them
denny 27 months ago
3/10 WTH Way to difficult.
JimmyD 27 months ago
6/10. I've never heard of most of these movies.
lnieting 27 months ago
No. 2: Before playing a cop on TV, this actor appeared in many movies, including these three. Should be Telly Savalas, don't you think?
AllisonWunderland lnieting 27 months ago
That's who I picked...
Catman lnieting 27 months ago
That's who I picked too, but I checked the wikipedia articles for the three movies and Telly wasn't in Cleopatra or Waterhole #3. Carroll O'Connor was in them all.
frenchman71 27 months ago
I got 7/10. These were harder than I thought.
bnichols23 27 months ago
8 -- interesting! 5 & 10 tripped me up! This was a real brain tease, bouncing back/forth between actors, characters, leading/supporting roles!
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