Can you guess the year by the Academy Award Best Picture nominees?

Guess the year by the film nominees and see if you can take home the award


Every year the Academy Awards is one of the most talked-about awards shows of the year. We've all got an opinion on what should be nominated, what should win, and what we think about who the award actually went to. Even if you're not a film buff, it's impossible to miss all the hype and gossip about who won what.

We've had nearly 100 years of Academy Awards so there's a lot to talk about. But we're going to make a little easier— we're going to give you three nominees that were put up for best picture that year, including the winner. Just pick the year you think they're from.

Remember: This is the year of the Academy Awards that they were nominated for, not the year that the movie came out. For example, a movie released in 1989 might be up for the 1990 Academy Awards.

Good luck, and start preparing that victory speech.

Can you guess the year by the Academy Award Best Picture nominees?

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CaroleThorpe 7 months ago
You got 10 correct
Great job! Take a bow!
DerekBird 36 months ago
You got 5 correct
Uh-oh, they're playing you off the stage. Try again!
Yeah movies aren't my thing.
MrsP58 53 months ago
You are so messed up. There is no #5. Only a Progressive insurance ad that cannot be fully eliminated. Another one plasters a photo of Hitler on the screen asking if I can answer questions about WWII. In the middle of your quiz?
Runeshaper 53 months ago
You got 7 correct
Great job! Take a bow!

Barry22 53 months ago
10/10, and I want to thank the academy.
Runeshaper Barry22 53 months ago
:) :) :)
bmoore4026 53 months ago
8 is incorrect. Marty is what won Best Picture. I learned this from Quiz Show.
MrsP58 bmoore4026 53 months ago
You gotta pay attention to the rules. Marty was RELEASED in 1955 and won best picture in 1956.
Thomas 53 months ago
10/10 I'd say #8 was tricky.
bnichols23 53 months ago
Again, "way too easy.." At least for me. -laugh-
Jeremy 53 months ago
I have learned my lesson from that Grammy quiz. From now on, trust your first instinct like they always tell you on "Match Game." I got all ten of them.
Moody 53 months ago
You got 8 correct
Great job! Take a bow!
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