Can you guess the TV show from a single city scene in its opening credits?

See if you can navigate the cities in these memorable opening sequences.

From New York City to Los Angeles and all the major cities in between, we've seen TV characters take on every cityscape in the country. And when it comes to shows set in major cities, series creators often set up the opening credits to show scenes from these locations to help give hit shows a sense of place. 

Today, we want to see if you can navigate the cities show in classic TV opening credits better than you might think. 

Scroll through the city scenes below and see if you can guess which show each one is from. Good luck!
  1. Here's an easy one to start. Which sitcom's opening credits just shows a cab crossing over this bridge?
  2. Here's a major detail in this cityscape that fans of this show will remember from its opening credits:
  3. This scene's a little like Where's Waldo. See if you can spot the main characters of the show in this cityscape:
  4. This classic show's opening credits showed the main character's entire commute to work. Which show was it?
  5. This show's opening sequence literally showed its characters "movin' on up":
  6. Fans of this '90s show often travel to the famous city landmark seen here in its opening credits:
  7. This hit '80s show memorably started with this New York City view:
  8. Which classic sitcom welcomed you to Milwaukee in its opening credits?
  9. Here's another view of New York, this time not from a workplace sitcom, but a family sitcom that famously took in at least one orphan:
  10. Last cityscape is the final scene we saw before turning the dial to this hit '70s show:
Can you guess the TV show from a single city scene in its opening credits?

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