Can you guess the TV show from a random person in the opening credits?

Prove you recognize these total strangers from TV.

Each show styles its opening credits in its own unique way, but have you ever thought about all the people just standing around in the background of your most-watched opening credits scenes?

Today, we're focusing on all those strangers who accidentally became some of the most recognizable folks on TV.

Here, we've isolated some of the most memorable background characters from opening credits to see you if you can tell a classic TV show from the extras and random characters used in opening credits scenes. Good luck!
  1. Sixties TV fans will be the best judge of this random person from the opening credits of which show?
  2. We never learned the name of this woman who passes by the setting of which workplace sitcom in the opening credits?
  3. Here's at least one straight-laced soldier at attention in the opening credits of which show?
  4. It was always an urgent matter when this random nurse came running in the opening credits of which show?
  5. This guy rode behind the star of which show on their commute to work?
  6. This random woman in the street stopped to gape at a star of which show in the opening credits?
  7. This hot dog vendor sells a snack to a star from which show in the opening credits?
  8. You're on a roll if you can name this TV Western that opened with silhouetted cowboys driving steer:
  9. After training alongside these random officers, the stars of which show took on a special mission?
  10. This random doorman holds the door to welcome the stars of which hit show to their new home in the opening credits?

Can you guess the TV show from a random person in the opening credits?

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Tony 13 months ago
I wonder if some of them even knew they were semi-famous.
LeeHarper 13 months ago
Ten of ten. I think I'll celebrate with a homemade funnel cake
idkwut2use 13 months ago
9/10 (it’s tough to tell one western from another even though I like them in general, lol)
JuneMiller 14 months ago
I was never inspired to watch Charlie's Angels. So, I consistently miss any questions about them :(
leebillyold 30 months ago
Did not good
djw1120 leebillyold 29 months ago
What you mean? Did not good?
Lacey 30 months ago
I got one wrong though I KNEW which \one it was. I just picked the wrong answer.
A defense that never worked for me in school either.
NoahBody 30 months ago
7/10 I missed The jeffersons, Rawhide and Charlies Angels. Back to the T.V. brush up !!!
Lacey NoahBody 30 months ago
They should have made the Charlies Angels one harder by including T.J. Hooker in the mix of answers.
JeffTanner 30 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 -------When it comes to opening credits of classic TV shows, you just randomly proved your memory never fades!
Art1957 30 months ago
10/10 This one was easy peasy!
EricFuller 30 months ago
Regarding the entrance to the police academy on "Charlie's Angels" in the opening. That same entrance was used for the opening of "The Rookies."
TshirtBob 30 months ago
I got 9 out of 10. Missed #9,probably because I just wasn't into the "Charlie's Angels" show.
RedSamRackham 30 months ago
9/10 ~ I missed Jeffersons b'cuz that doorman was not Ralph. ♣
booster 30 months ago
9/10 Missed #6.
Claude booster 30 months ago
To miss #6 must mean that your TV was busted for about three decades.... ;)
AllisonWunderland Claude 30 months ago
It was close with That Girl...I was only 7 in the 60's. Got the rest of them tho!
djw1120 Claude 29 months ago
I didn't really know which one.
I guessed "That Girl", bit obviously, I was wrong.
The only one I got wrong too even though I never watched "The Jeffersons" - and I never will either.
As far as I am concerned, they can "Movin' on" - back down where they were from.
With Archie Bunker.
Speaking of which, I love Carrol O' Connor in "In The Heat of The Night".
I can't forget Bubba's initial reaction to Virgil's first appearance as "Chief of Detectives" and now (season 6) he and Virgil are practically the best of friends.
And look at Gillespie as well - he and Harriet DeLong "getting it on".
jamesreyes65549 30 months ago
I got all of them intro bits right.
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