Can you guess the TV show by the workplace?

It's where we spend most of our time outside the home.

Work. Outside of our homes, it's the place where we spend most of our time.

The same goes for all our favorite TV characters. Can you guess the show based on the workplace? Good luck!
  1. Looks like there's some broadcasting equipment at this workplace.
  2. The gun needs polishing.
  3. Who's boss is this?
  4. This office looks festive for the holidays.
  5. The station doesn't look very busy here.
  6. That dart board looks like fun.
  7. Who's the secretary and who's the boss?
  8. This office looks more like a home than a workplace.
  9. So many degrees on the wall!
  10. Whatever's going on here, it looks serious.
Can you guess the TV show by the workplace?

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