Can you guess the TV show by its store?

Today's checklist: the butcher, the grocer, the coffee cup maker!

Going shopping in the real world can be such a chore, but we never protested any time our favorite TV characters turned up in a new location on classic shows. 

Whether it was the neighborhood grocer or the family store, there were plenty of memorable TV shops, and here, we've assembled a checklist of some of our favorite markets and more we saw in shows from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Think you can tell a TV show by its distinct stores? Well, then it's time for a little window-shopping! Scroll through these scenes from stores you saw in classic series, and see if you have no trouble hitting all the shops. Good luck!
  1. The dad in this sitcom owned his own hardware store, where his family sometimes took shifts. Which show was it?
  2. This guy owned a butcher shop that helped feed this TV family:
  3. On this sitcom, the two main characters were business partners operating this junk shop, and also family. Which sitcom was it?
  4. Which '80s sitcom featured this shop, where you could enjoy Edna's bottomless cup of coffee?
  5. On this early sitcom, the characters visited this pharmacy every so often. Which show was it?
  6. A lot of the action on this '70s sitcom took place in the music shop where the main characters worked. Can you name the show?
  7. We dipped into a record shop on this sitcom, too. It's where the star's girlfriend worked. Which sitcom was it?
  8. A couple characters on this sitcom worked at the Food Circus, a grocery store where the manager was not always extremely popular with the cast. Which show was it?
  9. But over on this much earlier sitcom, the main character's family owned the grocery store where he worked. Which sitcom was it?
  10. We head to 'The Twilight Zone' for our last shop. In this episode, the main character notices something off about this store's mannequins. Which episode was it?

Can you guess the TV show by its store?

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DouglasMorris 7 months ago
9/10! missed the last one which did me in.
WILD 29 months ago
10/10 perfect and i had to guess on 3 of them 2 i just had to look at the pictures. 1) Gomer's uniform and 2) the only outfit Naomi seemingly owns (I got it right and I hate Mama's Family. I am glad however that it's on at 6pm and no longer in Prime Time).
ndebrabant 29 months ago

You got 10 out of 10
Well, go ahead and cross every item off your shopping list. You've clearly got no trouble hitting all the shops!
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