Can you guess the TV show by its boat?

All aboard! See if you can float right through this ultimate TV boat quiz.

Are TV series that take you out on the open seas the kind of show that floats your boat? Then this quiz is for you!

Below, we've docked some of TV's most seaworthy ships to see if you can tell apart the boats you saw on detective shows, sitcoms, dramas and military series. 

Only the biggest boat fans will enjoy smooth sailing through this one. Too many holes in your memory, and your score could be sunk. Good luck!
  1. This is probably one of the most famous boats in TV history. Which show is it from?
  2. This boat was docked on TV for 10 seasons. Which show is it from?
  3. Fans of this '80s crime show will remember this sailboat from the opening credits:
    Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
  4. This submarine was the primary vehicle in which 1960s series?
  5. Which military show featured this boat in its opening credits?
    Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
  6. This casino boat was where most of the action took place on which classic TV show?
  7. Here's another boat from the opening credits of a military show. Which one was it?
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  8. Here's a throwback from the '80s. Which detective series featured this speedboat in its opening credits?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  9. In the early '60s, this stylish show starred a detective who lived in a houseboat. This boat shown below is from which show's opening credits?
    Image: ABC
  10. Let's make a big splash for this last one. You could see these men rowing in the closing credits of every episode of which detective series?
Can you guess the TV show by its boat?

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