Can you guess the TV show based on the house?

How well do you know the homes of your favorite TV characters?

How well do you know your neighbors? Well, the fictional ones. We see our favorite characters' homes so often when we watch TV, it feels like they could live right down the block. 

We'll give you a shot of a home, and you have to pick which TV show it comes from. You only get one guess, so good luck!
  1. Let's start off easy. Which famous family occupied this home?
  2. Which show featured this apartment complex in the opening credits?
  3. Talk about a mansion! What's this place called?
  4. Who would want to live here?
    Image: MGM Television
  5. Let's go back to a more suburban setting. Which show featured this single family home?
    Image: NBCUniversal
  6. Which TV show boasted this classic white picket fence?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  7. Not everyone has a big home. Who lived in this garden apartment?
  8. The people in this home must be cold. On which show can you find it?
  9. Can you figure out which show featured this home?
  10. Let's see how much you really know. Can you tell which show had this famous entryway?

Can you guess the TV show based on the house?

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TexasGreek 20 months ago
You got 9 out of 10 correct
You're such a good neighbor!
hannahcc07 22 months ago
Why didn't it have the Walton's house!
starcommander hannahcc07 4 months ago
That would be too easy. But I got them all anyway .
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