Can you guess the TV husband by the way he talks about his wife?

It's official: You're the authority on TV couples if you beat this one.

Every couple on TV is a little bit different, but in their own special way, they showed us what love was all about.

Think you can tell a TV husband from just one quote he said about his wife?

This quiz takes you through some of TV's most classic married couples to see if you can do just that, or if you're in trouble with the misses.... Good luck!
  1. Which TV husband wrote a long letter to his wife Mildred that opened by saying, “Thanks for the talcum powder. Took a long walk yesterday and didn’t chaff a lick. Tickled to hear you got your corn removed. Wish I were there to dance with you.”
  2. Which TV husband do you think disappoints his wife on their anniversary then says: “Don’t worry, Weezy, I know you’re disappointed, but I’ll get you a necklace in the morning.”
  3. On a well-known ensemble cast, this TV husband smacked his gloves across many cheeks when a secret admirer wrote this to his wife: “My darling, just seeing you, just being near you, has given my life new meaning. I don’t know how much longer I can keep my feelings to myself.”
  4. Which TV husband is so full of amore, he loses his head when his wife speaks another language: “You know how wild I get when you speak French!”
  5. When they wed in the first episode, this TV husband told his wife: “You, my dear, are prettier than the flowers, sweeter than the cake, more appetizing than the hors d'oeuvres and more sparkling than the silverware!”
  6. In a classic scene, this TV husband opens the car door for his wife who says, “Thank you dear. It’s so sweet of you to be the thoughtful husband after all these years.” Who do you think replies with this line: “You’re very welcome. Besides the neighbors might be watching.”
  7. This TV husband often talked about his loving wife with a very specific tone, particularly when it came to housework: “You got lawns to mow, ya’ got plumbing to fix, you got gutters to clean then every couple of years you have to paint the entire thing from top to bottom. Honestly, I don’t know where Vera gets the energy.”
  8. Which WKRP in Cincinnati cast member shared this haunting memory about his wife: “My second wife tried to kill me with a Ronco Veg-o-Matic!”
  9. This classic TV character also had a famously distinct way of talking about his wife: “I want you to forget about all this. Just do what my wife does. 'Cause when she hits a department store, she just can forget anything, even the fact that I'm sitting outside waiting.”

Can you guess the TV husband by the way he talks about his wife?

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Joe 49 months ago
UTZAAKE 65 months ago
8/9. Foiled by #6. Thought I was going to do much worse.
Kirsten 65 months ago

I got 7 out of 9
You shot straight through that one quicker than Cupid!

I missed #s 6 and 9.
SheriHeffner 65 months ago
8 out of 9. I didn't know the last one.
Fred_Clampett 65 months ago
I'm glad that Fred Mertz or Ricky Ricardo weren't in this quiz. We could have gone by the verbal abuse.
Barry22 65 months ago
8/9, missed the last one, though Al Bundy could've said it.
EllisClevenger 65 months ago
I got 9 out of 9
You shot straight through that one quicker than Cupid!
Guessed on #8.
Also 9 out of 9, but I guessed on #9.
JeffTanner 65 months ago
I got 7 out of 9 -----------You shot straight through that one quicker than Cupid!
retrogal55 65 months ago
Once again ads covered the qusetion
MrsPhilHarris PamelaWatts 65 months ago
I had that happen last week
BrownieMom PamelaWatts 65 months ago
You need to get Adblock Plus
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