Do you have what it takes to pass the big Rifleman trivia quiz?

Test your knowledge of this Western gem!

Sure, the show was called The Rifleman, but the Western was so much more than a cowboy with a gun. It was the first primetime series to depict a widowed parent raising a child. The relationship between Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors) and his boy, Mark McCain (Johnny Crawford), is the core of the show. The show is as much about parenting as it is about justice. But, yeah, that modified rifle is pretty cool.

The Rifleman remains a classic of the genre, beloved and rewatched to this day. With so many fans, we bet you know a bunch of trivia about the show. See if you can get more than 20 questions correct!

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  1. The Rifleman takes place in which town?
  2. Where is that town located?
  3. Which member of the Rat Pack appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman.
  4. The Rifleman was obviously known for his rifle. His rifle was manufactured by which company?
  5. Aside from Lucas and Mark McCain, Micah Torrance was the other main character. What was his character's title?
  6. What is the name of the actor who played Micah Torrance?
  7. The actor who portrayed Micah Torrance later played the ship's doctor, Dr. Mark Piper, in an episode called "Where No Man Has Gone Before." This was a pilot for which sci-fi series?
  8. This famous Hollywood Western director wrote the pilot episode of 'The Rifleman' — and directed four episodes.
  9. The Rifleman aired for how many seasons?
  10. How many episodes of The Rifleman were produced in color?
  11. In the opening credits, Lucas fires his rifle about how many times?
  12. Before acting, Chuck Connors played for which professional basketball team?
  13. Connors also played professional baseball in the MLB. He played 66 games at first base for which iconic team?
  14. This award-winning actor played a major role in the premiere episode, "The Sharpshooter."
  15. Lucas McCain was a veteran of which war?
  16. On which side did Lucas fight in that war?
  17. The pilot episode of The Rifleman originally aired as an episode of which anthology series?
  18. Chuck Connors was cast against type for a sinister role in which massive 1970s miniseries?
  19. Before playing Mark McCain, Johnny Crawford was part of which exclusive television club?
  20. Aside from playing Mark McCain, Johnny Crawford was a singing teen idol. What is the name of his biggest hit?
  21. Chuck Connors played another dad, Porter Ricks, in which classic 1960s animal movie?
  22. Chuck Connors had a role opposite Charlton Heston in which classic science-fiction film?
  23. In the 1960s, Chuck Connors starred in another television Western for two seasons. What was it called?
  24. The Rifleman episode "The Indian" was a pilot for another series. What was that spin-off Western titled?
  25. Lucas McCain was a single father. How did his wife die?
  26. After the death of his wife, Lucas moved with his son from which state?
  27. What is the name of the bartender in the North Fork Saloon?
  28. What was the name of the hotel and restaurant in town?
  29. What was the name of the production company that produced The Rifleman?
  30. Chuck is not Chuck Connor's real name. He got "Chuck" from playing baseball in college. What is his first name from birth?

Do you have what it takes to pass the big Rifleman trivia quiz?

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NorthFork 4 months ago
23/30. 13 shots in the show opener. I count them every time.
Bruce27365 24 months ago
#26 is a poorly-worded question because Oklahoma was not a state until 1907. Before then it was officially "Indian Territory", so technically speaking, the McCains did not come from a "state" as per the question.
RachelR 26 months ago
Why is it called a Rifleman quiz when half the questions are about other things?
shiningknight26 RachelR 7 months ago
Excellent question as I asked it myself. How does knowing what other roles Chuck Conners has played on other shows have anything to do with "The Rifleman" trivia?
ReginaRodgers 49 months ago
I thought this was supposed to be a Rifleman quiz.
Exactly! Asking questions about other roles Chuck Conners played on other shows have nothing to do with "The Rifleman".
Mostly, but there were several questions that had nothing to do with "The Rifleman".
Cowgirl 58 months ago

You got 30 out of 30
Smooth moves! You are practically an honorary citizen of North Fork.
ndebrabant 58 months ago

You got 29 out of 30
Smooth moves! You are practically an honorary citizen of North Fork.
Missed #24
DocForbin 58 months ago
I always did like MAD Magazine's parody of the show called "The Rifle, Man!"
Stephen 62 months ago
You got 30 out of 30
Smooth moves! You are practically an honorary citizen of North Fork.
FrancisAnthony 63 months ago
26/30. Not bad I guess. My downfall questions were 17, 20, 24, and 28. Should've known 28. Oh well.
UTZAAKE 65 months ago
22/30. Foiled by 2, 5, 20, 22, 24, 25, 28 and 29.
Rain 65 months ago
28/30. I only missed the ones about what actors did after the show. I watched the as a kid, teen and adult. It never gets old.
booster 65 months ago
26/30 Number 24 was really a tricky confusing question, as Michael Ansara played an Indian in both "Cochise" and "Law of the Plainsman".
DocForbin booster 58 months ago
Not to mention Kang on ST: TOS, DS9 and Voyager.
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