Can you name all these singers aboard The Love Boat?

Some played hilarious characters while others appeared as themselves!

The best thing about The Love Boat is watching all the famous guest stars bring the intertwining storylines to life. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes sincere and heartfelt. But the Pacific Princess wouldn’t be a good cruise ship without putting on a great show now and then and it certainly did!

Famous singers often appeared on the series to show off their talents. They often played themselves or fictional characters very similar to their own personalities but some did play funny characters spoofing other artists.

Here are some of our favorite singers who boared The Love Boat. Can you name them all?

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  1. Do you recognize this singer?
  2. This frequent guest star boarded the Pacific Princess ten times! It's...
  3. Do you recognize these disco icons?
  4. Who is this former teen idol?
  5. Can you name this group?
  6. He played a cross between Alice Cooper and Kiss. It's...
  7. This famous singer started as a kid. It's...
  8. Do you know this mustachioed crooner?
  9. This singer first hit it big in the Fifties. It's...
  10. This trio upstaged Isaac at his chance for stardom. In real life they're...
  11. Do you know this jazz singer?
  12. This award-winning singer and actress played Isaac's mom. It's...

Can you name all these singers aboard The Love Boat?

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marleo8 1 day ago
You got 12 out of 12

Did you score high on this quiz or were your results near the bottom?
richb31 10 days ago
12/12 Finally got all correct
Oldielover 12 days ago
Soooo,my first question on who missed on the Temptations......Who did you guess?
MarianneCoon Oldielover 11 days ago
That's the one I got wrong too. I thought maybe the Box Tops--there were several groups back then that all had the same style and size.
Oldielover 12 days ago
I've always wanted to join this site--..Have come here through the years and enjoyed all the wonderful comments from all of you wonderful people who love good ol' TV!..So I joined today because of this one that includes music in it...Aaaand I got 12/12--..I would have slapped myself silly if I got ONE wrong! lol! It's good to be here with you all!
Katch 13 days ago
Ah man, I hit the wrong button by mistake.....I knew it was Frankie Avalon. Drats! 11/12 So much better than the 6/12 in the opening episode quiz.
dekane54 Katch 10 days ago
I hate when that happens! I have done it before and it's maddening LOL
mdit21 14 days ago
11/12. The make-up threw me.

[Belated birthday greetings in honor of the memory of Florence Ballard (June 30th) 🎈🎉🎂🎉🎈 my favorite "banished" vocalist.]

dmirarh mdit21 11 days ago
Oh heck yeah, you got that right driver.
Dajj 16 days ago
12/12! Showing my age! Some great people on that show!!
SashaPayneDiaz 16 days ago
12/12 TAH DAH !!!! OUCH!.....I just pulled my shoulder out trying to pat myself on the back.
JohnAustin779 16 days ago
A 10 out of 12 right. This was too easy, MeTV. Especially if you're a music fan like me 😉.
Runeshaper 16 days ago
9/12 - lots of great artists here (-:
cabugi 17 days ago
11/12 … missed The Temptations
geatornez82 18 days ago
12/12. Some I recognized, some I've seen the episodes, some I haven't seen the episode, but I'm familiar with the episode.
LaDolceVita 18 days ago
I got 10 right because I know most of these singers. I was so in love with Frankie Avalon when I was a girl. I went to all his movies and loved his singing. His real family name is Avallone. And my oldest daughter had a huge crush on Ricky Martin when she was a girl. I think she still listens to his music.
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