Can you guess the sitcom by its stairs?

These stairways lead to hit sitcom heaven.

At the heart of many family homes on our favorite sitcoms sits a staircase that generates a surprising amount of action. Characters bound down them to make comedic entrances. Conversations happen from opposite ends of them. They're a dependable fixture that often leads to laughs.

Think you can tell the difference between the stairs you saw on classic sitcoms? 

Watch your step as you take the quiz below. Only sitcom experts will find their scores going up and up as they go along. Good luck!
  1. Folks who headed down these well-known stairs to enter this place of business could often expect to be greeted by name on this sitcom:
  2. These stairs were the first thing guests saw when they arrived on this show:
  3. The son on this family sitcom would climb down these stairs whenever he was called:
  4. Which early family sitcom featured these stairs as part of the opening credits?
  5. Here's some stairs that were prominently featured in this '70s sitcom:
  6. These stairs led to a living room where the family would often assemble to solve problems. Which sitcom was it?
  7. This luxurious staircase was featured in which sitcom's family home?
  8. These next stairs take us back to the '80s, situated in the rambunctious home on which sitcom?
  9. Here's another ornate set of stairs that in many ways represent a major lifestyle shift on which show?
  10. This officer of the law showed up in front of this set of stairs after the family on this sitcom had their home vandalized:

Can you guess the sitcom by its stairs?

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