Can you guess the sitcom by its bathroom?

Outhouses, latrines, bathrooms and public restrooms—some shows will go anywhere for a laugh.

The best sitcoms are willing to take us anywhere for a laugh—even the latrine. 

Here we've pulled some of the best bathroom scenes that are now scrawled on the walls of TV history, where famous siblings bickered, teens swapped secrets and no matter the situation, hilarity dependably ensued.

Think you can recognize the sitcom by its memorable bathroom setting? Don't waste your opportunity! Scroll through the sitcom scenes in the quiz below. Only the biggest classic TV fans won't tank this one. Good luck!
  1. Here's an easy one to start. Which sitcom featured this outdoor shower?
  2. This sitcom famously featured lots of scenes in this bathroom, which accidentally flooded in this memorable scene here.
  3. Sharing a bathroom can be tough on everyone, as thoroughly proven by this family sitcom.
  4. Which military sitcom featured this tented officers' latrine?
  5. In the '80s, some sitcoms started featuring bathroom scenes in the opening credits. Recognize the show that featured this cluttered counter?
  6. Here's another bathroom break in the opening credits. Which '80s sitcom introduced its mom this way?
  7. Had enough with latrines and outdoor showers? Name the sitcom that featured this glorious bathroom as a fixture.
     Image: Disney–ABC Domestic Television
  8. The first episode of this sitcom featured a dramatic surprise waiting in the bathroom in its very first scene.
     Image: DLT Entertainment
  9. This teen sitcom regularly found its stars confessing secrets in this bathroom.
  10. This bathroom from an iconic TV diner was often a place for pep talks on this sitcom.

Can you guess the sitcom by its bathroom?

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rycki1138 39 months ago
10 out of 10. Sharing a bathroom between 6 kids on the Brady Bunch was made even harder because the bathroom had no toilet.
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