Can you guess the name of these retro miniature toys?

History proves: The smaller the toy, the bigger the joy.

Some of the most popular toys in history have been sparked by the smallest sensations. From the first tin soldiers to the most basic of toys, the marble.

So over time, toy companies have always delivered a segment of toys that miniaturized the world to the delight of kids' insatiable imaginations. From the '60s to the '90s, from toy cars to tiny dolls, we've seen it all, but can you remember what all those mini toys were called?

That's today's question. Scroll through these wee little marvels that took off for toymakers in the past and test how big an impression they made on you. Good luck!
  1. This classic book series is distinguishable by its binding and has been a hit with kids since 1942:
  2. These popular miniature horse dolls were such a huge hit, they spawned an animated TV show.
     Image: Tumblr
  3. This is popular toy manufacturer has been around since 1968 and still exists today:
  4. In the '80s and '90s, sales of these miniature cars took off, thanks a lot to their famously fast-talking spokesman:
  5. In the '60s, these toys debuted first as Play Family People, but it wouldn't take long for the hit Fisher Price dolls to be renamed this:
     Image: Pinterest
  6. More than a million kids relied on this mini math whiz to calculate school equations in 1977:
     Image: Pinterest
  7. Mattel packaged these 3-inch dolls so creatively in the 1960s that they're credited with sparking the miniature toy craze. Remember what they were called?
     Image: Ebay
  8. Perhaps the pinnacle of the miniature doll craze came in the '90s with this tiny toy that was recently revived:
     Image: Etsy
  9. These tiny robot figures came to the U.S. in 1976 from Japan and were so popular, Paramount decided to make a movie about them, due out in 2020. Remember what they were called?
     Image: Wishbook Web
  10. Kenner promised an "Ocean of fun" with these teensy dolls they debuted in 1979. What were they called?
     Image: Pinterest

Can you guess the name of these retro miniature toys?

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Chezjuan 31 months ago
I got 8. I also remember owning a Little Professor when I was a kid!
idkwut2use 42 months ago
Missed the Micronauts. But Polly Pocket RUUULES.
Also g4 My Little Pony rocks. And Golden Books. And Little Tikes. And Micro Machines.
And I saw a kinda-cute cartoon based on Little People, and some Hallmark ornaments—though I never actually had them.
EllisClevenger 65 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
Go on and admit it. You're a little genius when it comes to tiny toys.
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