Can you guess the middle names of classic TV stars?

They shared names with 1954 movies, Revolutionary War heroes and Chipmunks.


How well do you really know your favorite TV stars? They are household names — but what about their full names?

See if you can guess the middle names of these classic television icons.

Be sure to read the hints! Good luck!

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  1. Leonard _______ Nimoy has the name of a Chipmunk. Which one?
  2. Lucille _______ Ball has one of these 1954 movies as a middle name. Which one is it?
  3. Andy _______ Griffith has a middle name that also applies to one of these Mayberry characters.
  4. "Don" was his middle name. But what was the first name of _______ Donald Knotts? It's the same as one of these famous TV uncles.
  5. Gilligan! Robert "Bob" ________ Denver has one of these classic rocker's last name as his middle name.
  6. Aaaaayyy! It's the Fonz! Henry ______ Winkler has a Founding Father for a middle name.
  7. Florence ________ Henderson's middle name comes from the Greek for "holy."
  8. How about Richard ______ Van Dyke? It's the last name of one of these Hollywood icons.
  9. Rodman "Rod" ________ Serling of The Twilight Zone had a middle name that happened to be a 20th-century English monarch.
  10. Raymond _______ _______ Burr had two middle names. They also happened to be the name of a notable figure from the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War.

Can you guess the middle names of classic TV stars?

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Big3Fan 21 months ago
Jesse I knew. The rest no clue.
idkwut2use 37 months ago
Only two, ugh...I knew Lucy’s but that was it... some nice names in there though
Nadya92129 48 months ago
6 out of 10. I should have done better! But, I got Raymond Burr's middle names right!
TheDavBow3 51 months ago
6/10. All guesses! Lucky to get 6.
ForeverHappyDays 51 months ago
I got half of them right. I second guessed myself on the first question, so I restarted it to go with my original thought. The other ones I got right were Lucille Ball, Dick Van Dyke, Florence Henderson, and Henry Winkler. Now that I think of it, I think I heard Ozzy being "Gilligan" or Bob Denver's middle name, but I have no idea why I was thinking it was Hendrix. Some of my answers are pretty shameful now, I thought Rod Serling had an embarrassing middle name like Elizabeth. Ha, ha, ha!
MikefromJersey 51 months ago
8 for 10. I guessed on 5 of them. Ray Burr was Canadian, I doubt his parents named him
after an American rebel. After the Revolution, over 1/4 of US population fled to Canada
as they were Loyalists, whose homes were burned or stolen or bought for a pittance.
Hence Ontario's motto regarding "remaining loyal". Not one of the USA's proudest
DancingFool 51 months ago
3/10 guessed on everyone except Don Knotts. i heard Andy used to call him Jess at times.
Runeshaper 51 months ago
Did awful on that 1, but I got The Fonz right LOL
Lacey 51 months ago
7/10 which is not bad as I was guessing each one.
KellyShort 51 months ago
You got 3 out of 10

Guessed right 3 times
FLETCH 51 months ago
6/10...not great. I got Don Knotts first name right cause I just finished a good book titled Andy and Don. Otherwise I would have to guess that one too like I did most of the others
MrBill 51 months ago
8/10; knew only a couple and to guess on the rest.
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