Can you guess the classic TV show by its foreign title?

Beaver is not called Beaver everywhere.

Iconic television characters like the Fonz, Gilligan and Spock may be known around the world, but their shows sometime go by different names in other nations.

These alternate foreign titles are often amusing, or insightful into how another culture views a programs. You don't have to speak eight languages to crack this quiz. We bet you can figure out the international names of these ten programs.

Good luck!
  1. Profissão: Perigo ("Profession: Danger") in Brazil
  2. Aventuras de Pablito ("Adventures of Pablito") in Spain
  3. L'homme de fer ("Iron Man") in France
  4. Indirizzo permanente ("Permanent Address") in Italy
  5. Dossiers brûlants ("Burning Files" or "Hot Topics") in France
  6. La chica de la tele ("The Girl from the TV") in Spain
  7. Espías con espuelas ("Spies with Spurs") in Mexico
  8. A balfácán ("The Twit") in Hungary
  9. Guerra, Sombra e Água Fresca ("War, Shade and Fresh Water") in Brazil
  10. Moukarimies ("Maul Man") in Finland
Can you guess the classic TV show by its foreign title?

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