Can you guess the 1960s TV show by its premise?

Spot the distinct twist in these' 60s shows.

Bring the 1960s back by channeling your inner channel-changer from back in the day.

Here, we give you the premise of a classic '60s show. All you have to do is tell us which show we're describing.

Are you the undisputed master when it comes to the best 1960s television? Let's find out! Only the biggest '60s TV fans can score 8/10. Good luck!
  1. A family must brave strange planets after their ship is thrown off course by a spy. Which '60s show was it?
  2. A widowed homesteader and peacekeeper helps to maintain order in an Old West town while raising his young son. Which '60s show was it?
  3. The prisoners run the prison camp in this sideways WWII sitcom. Which '60s show was it?
  4. When a witch marries a common man, she finds it hard hiding her powers. Which '60s show was it?
  5. A group of cattle drivers assists locals and avoids trouble while pushing their massive herd through the Wild West. Which '60s show was it?
  6. Sea monsters, aliens and Cold War enemies are the villains in this underwater adventure series. Which '60s show was it?
  7. Former government secret agents become private detectives in Los Angeles. Which '60s show was it?
  8. A woman must manage the family business, while juggling the challenges of raising three beautiful daughters. Which '60s show was it?
  9. Secret Service agents live aboard a luxury train in the Old West while protecting the country. Which '60s show was it?
  10. An honest professional gambler operates a casino aboard a luxury yacht. Which '60s show was it?
Can you guess the 1960s TV show by its premise?

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