Can you guess how old these TV elders were when their shows premiered?

Many were young at heart… and some were just young!

Some of the best people on classic TV were those who had seen a thing or two over the years. Elderly characters on shows like The Waltons, Green Acres and The Golden Girls proved that getting on in years was one of the best times in life.

Here are a number of TV stars who formed the older generation on television… except some of them weren't that old!

Can you guess how many years young each person was when their show premiered?

  1. Will Geer was ___ years young when The Waltons premiered.
  2. Andy Griffith was ___ years young when Matlock premiered.
  3. Barbara Stanwyck was ___ years young when The Big Valley Premiered.
  4. Hank Patterson was ___ years young when Green Acres premiered.
  5. Carroll O’Connor was ___ years young when In the Heat of the Night premiered.
  6. Irene Ryan was ___ years young when The Beverly Hillbillies premiered.
  7. Milburn Stone was ___ years young when Gunsmoke premiered.
  8. Frances Bavier was ___ years young when The Andy Griffith Show premiered.
  9. Jonathan Harris was ___ years young when Lost in Space premiered.
  10. Vicki Lawrence was ___ years young when Mama’s Family premiered.
  11. Betty White was ___ years young when The Golden Girls premiered.
  12. Lorne Greene was ___ years young when Bonanza premiered.

Can you guess how old these TV elders were when their shows premiered?

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Pilaf 23 hours ago
8 out of 12. Shouldda done better.
lisody 3 days ago
Wont mention which two actresses really surprised me but I thought one actress was much older and one actress I thought had to be much younger
Marshall_Kolchak 3 days ago
8/12 pretty much all non-edumactaed guesses on this one
retro6 3 days ago
9/12. I was on a roll until the end...
TheDavBow3 5 days ago
7/12. I thought it was pretty hard quiz.
cabugi 5 days ago
7/10 all guesses except Vicki Lawrence.
CaptainDunsel 5 days ago
Well that effort didn't age well.
FLETCH 6 days ago
6 out of 12 I crapped the bed on this one
MrsPhilHarris 6 days ago
11/12 Missed the last one. Lorne Greene looked older than 44. 🤔
Jeremy 6 days ago
Sorry to say, I missed two here!
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