Can you find the one sitcom that has NOT gotten a sequel or reboot series?

Hollywood is constantly recycling ideas, but there’s one sitcom that surprisingly hasn’t been revamped into a new show.


As the saying goes, there’s nothing new under the sun and Hollywood has certainly taken that to heart. It seems like there are more reboots and sequels these days than ever before, but producers have been remaking things since the very first silent pictures.

We’ve gathered nine classic sitcoms from the Fifties to the Nineties, eight of which have been reimagined on the small screen, either by simply adding “New” to the original show’s title, using the exact same name or just changing the original title slightly. For this quiz, we’re only counting second full-fledged TV shows as sequels and reboots. A theatrical movie reboot or one-time TV special don’t count.

Of these nine sitcoms, can you find the one that has not gotten a sequel or reboot series? Keep guessing until you get it right!

  1. Can you find the ONE sitcom that has NOT had a sequel or reboot series?

Can you find the one sitcom that has NOT gotten a sequel or reboot series?

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Jeffrey 25 months ago
''You picked The BEVERLY HILLBILLIES! CORRECT!'' Though there was a Nineties theatrical film and a 1981 TV movie called ''Return of The Beverly Hillbillies'', this classic sitcom has not received an official sequel or reboot series. At least not as of this writing... with Hollywood's huge appetite for reboots these days, who knows what might happen in the future! It was my second pick, and I got it right! My first choice was ''The Addams Family''.
vinman63 Jeffrey 24 months ago
Back in 90 Addams Family was rebooted with color episodes
GregLemieux 28 months ago
Got it right on the first try!
Dayna 29 months ago
Yes I guess Beverly Hillbillies
jtedit 29 months ago
Apparently, a 1993 movie does not qualify as "a sequel or reboot series."
MaryHelen jtedit 29 months ago
no a movie is a film at a theater or even tv but a one time showing vs a series that is a reboot or sequels are on tv
vinman63 29 months ago
i wonder if A reboot of Gillian island would work with Google Earth
Supercat58 29 months ago
Got it on the third try-Beverly Hillbillies
grandpa5741 29 months ago
4 tries is ok right or is 1 the win?
Guinness grandpa5741 7 months ago
Works for me 😁
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