Can you find the one sitcom that has NOT gotten a sequel or reboot series?

Hollywood is constantly recycling ideas, but there’s one sitcom that surprisingly hasn’t been revamped into a new show.

As the saying goes, there’s nothing new under the sun and Hollywood has certainly taken that to heart. It seems like there are more reboots and sequels these days than ever before, but producers have been remaking things since the very first silent pictures.

We’ve gathered nine classic sitcoms from the Fifties to the Nineties, eight of which have been reimagined on the small screen, either by simply adding “New” to the original show’s title, using the exact same name or just changing the original title slightly. For this quiz, we’re only counting second full-fledged TV shows as sequels and reboots. A theatrical movie reboot or one-time TV special don’t count.

Of these nine sitcoms, can you find the one that has not gotten a sequel or reboot series? Keep guessing until you get it right!

  1. Can you find the ONE sitcom that has NOT had a sequel or reboot series?

Can you find the one sitcom that has NOT gotten a sequel or reboot series?

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Dayna 3 days ago
Yes I guess Beverly Hillbillies
jtedit 6 days ago
Apparently, a 1993 movie does not qualify as "a sequel or reboot series."
MaryHelen jtedit 1 day ago
no a movie is a film at a theater or even tv but a one time showing vs a series that is a reboot or sequels are on tv
vinman63 7 days ago
i wonder if A reboot of Gillian island would work with Google Earth
Supercat58 10 days ago
Got it on the third try-Beverly Hillbillies
grandpa5741 10 days ago
4 tries is ok right or is 1 the win?
herminia 10 days ago
Thanks for all the great inf.
bagandwallyfan52 10 days ago
How about a REBOOT of
The Dick Van Dyke Show
And My Favorite Martian
and The Real McCoys?
Does anyone know whatever happened to
Barry Greenberg who played Moose on HAPPY Days and Neil J Schwartz
Who played Bag Zombroski
On HAPPY Days and Candy
Moore (Chris Carmichael
On The Lucy Show) Ann
Marshall (Angela Brown
On My Favorite Martian
Denis Mandel who played
Eugene Belvin on HAPPY Days and Scott Bernstein who played Melvin Belvin
On HAPPY Days and
Elizabeth MacRae Lou Ann Poovie on Gomer Pyle USMC and Tuesday Weld
Who played Thaila Menniger on Dobie GILLIS
And Lydia Reed who played
Hassie on The Real McCoys?
TSeym22 10 days ago
Got it on the third try.
David TSeym22 10 days ago
2nd try for me.
PeterRoff 10 days ago
The rationale for saying TBH didn't get a reboot and TAGS did is pretty thin in both cases. Try again MeTV
MichaelSkaggs 11 days ago
No BH reboot! The original was bad enough. It gave the image that Southerners or people from the country were slow, lazy, stupid, and cared only about the next batch of moonshine.
moax429 MichaelSkaggs 10 days ago
I hated when my Dad subjected us to it, both when it was originally on CBS in the 60's and when it was first syndicated in 1972!

Thank the Lord those days are over! (Although I do miss my Dad; he passed away in January 1992.)
bagandwallyfan52 12 days ago
On the same day that Spike
(Danny Butch) got on a Greyhound Bus leaving Milwaukee Chachi (Scott Baio)
Arrived in Milwaukee on a
Different Greyhound Bus.

jtrain 12 days ago
Got it on the 2nd try. I really thought they had a reboot, just none of the original actors, so after looking at all the other guesses, I went back to this. My first guess was Full House, because it is joining the Sunday lineup.
David jtrain 10 days ago
I guess you forgot about Fuller House, it belongs in the outhouse with the original.
jtrain David 1 day ago
Never really watched Full House. Saw it a few times when I baby sat for my nieces. Wasn't a bad show, just aimed more towards the younger generation.
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