Can you find the one show that does NOT have 100 episodes or more?

Which show never made it to triple digits?


In the TV industry, conventional wisdom states 100 episodes is the magic number that guarantees a show will sell into syndication and live long after it’s original run. It usually takes four or five seasons to hit triple digits, although that varies depending on the show — especially with classic television, where seasons could be over 40 episodes long!

Of course, in reality, things aren’t as simple. Some long-running shows don’t do well past their initial release and plenty of short-lived shows, like The Jetsons and The Addams Family, have become iconic.

Here are nine shows from the Sixties and Seventies that all have around 100 episodes. Can you find the one that doesn’t quite reach the benchmark? Keep guessing until you’ve found it!

  1. Which show has LESS than 100 episodes?

Can you find the one show that does NOT have 100 episodes or more?

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MarianneCoon 31 months ago
I knew Gilligan's Island was only on for about 2 years.

katlovemetv 32 months ago
It took me at least 5 tries….just wish there were more of these shows on TV!
Lillyrose 32 months ago
I guessed Gilligan's Island on the 9th try.
Mob39 32 months ago
Oh my gosh! Took me four tries! Who knew Gilligan and crew were only on for 98 episodes. Kind of felt like they were on that island forever
Minnie212 32 months ago
Took 4 tries for me also and im shocked at correct answer
AllisonWunderland 33 months ago
Got it on the first try, Little Buddy! 👍😆
Threnody 33 months ago
I should have known because Gilligan's Island is the most ridiculous show ever made and it should never have gotten 9 episodes, let alone 100, but I didn't guess it because it seems all the lame shoes just keep getting renewed while decent programs fall by the wayside with too much regularity.
I mean who goes on a 3-hour- tour and takes everything they own with them?! No one! 😵
steveroy2001 Threnody 33 months ago
Agree 100%. Lamest show ever made. The fact that it's still in reruns is sheer absurdity. They can build huts and all sorts of gadgets but can't build a damned boat to get off the stupid island.
Wow 😳...I'm sorry you feel that way about Gillian's Island 🌴
Threnody steveroy2001 33 months ago
Precisely! And it's never funny, either. Not even for the time period in which it originally aired. That said, I watched several episodes of it Sunday afternoon, guess I'm a glutton for punishment!
JDnHuntsvilleAL 33 months ago
Guess I got LUCKY picking "Gilligan's Island" first. MY thinking was: Most shows only have 26-28 episodes a year; GI was only on 3 years, so obviously it has less than 100 episodes. BUT, just checked it out, and the IMDb indicates it had *99* episodes. WOW.
Zip 33 months ago
Got it, and only after 7 tries.
Being a big Gilligan's Island fan, I should have done better on this. But then, I only knew that they had 3 seasons(because Russell Johnson talks about how they were counting on having that 4th season that never happened) but never thought about it in terms of how many episodes. All I knew for sure was that The Twilight Zone and The Brady Bunch must have had more than 100 episodes so I wasn't about to pick them.
Martanrick1975 33 months ago
3rd try…….. Gilligan’s Island was over exposed, just to much! I did watch the movie when they got off the Island, it was ok but I wished Tina Louise would of reprised the role.
Zip Martanrick1975 33 months ago
Yeah, having the whole cast together again would have made those movies perfect.
Oldielover 33 months ago
Took me 3 tries--.....I feel stupid.
Zip Oldielover 33 months ago
Don't feel bad... took me 7.
Randall 33 months ago
Sadly, the reason I read that GILLIGAN"S ISLAND was cancelled was because a networks executives wife hated the show!
Zip Randall 33 months ago
But loved Gunsmoke, which was on the chopping block and they had to get rid of GI to save its time slot. Well, didn't HAVE to, but did because she loved Gunsmoke.
JDnHuntsvilleAL Randall 33 months ago
Not quite. She LOVED Gunsmoke, so in order to make room for THAT her husband cancelled GI.
Randall JDnHuntsvilleAL 32 months ago
I was surprised ABC did not pick it up, it would have been perfect for them, they always struggled during the 60s. It was not until the 70s that Aron Spelling and Gary Marshall came along that they hit there stride!!
MDCSWildcats1986 33 months ago
Since PBS's all-time classic children's show ZOOM will turn 50 in January, how about a quiz of ZOOMer/Not ZOOMer come early 2022?
jtrain 33 months ago
Got it first try! One of my favs!
shorty251 33 months ago
And yet, we get 3 hours of Gilligan every Sunday.
Can we PLEASE see something else on Sunday afternoons?
How about The Rockford Files?
Or if you want comedy in that spot, how about The Golden Girls?
I'm speaking personally, but I'm sick to death of Gilligan right now; I'd rather clean my house than watch it another Sunday. And I HATE housework.
shorty251 shorty251 33 months ago
I'd even be happy with 3 hours of The Love Boat or Fantasy Island.
Gilligan is BORING, we've seen them all repeatedly.
shorty251 shorty251 33 months ago
Please, something, just about ANYTHING else!!!
Coldnorth shorty251 33 months ago
I would love to see love boat and fantasy island
JDnHuntsvilleAL shorty251 33 months ago
"Or if you want comedy in that spot, how about The Golden Girls?"

What does "The Golden Girls" have to do with comedy? :-0
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