Pick: Which year of the 1970s had the best TV shows?

Which shows would you most want to watch?

The Seventies were an awesome era for television. Everything just got… more real. There were even the beginnings of reality television.

But which year of the groovy decade was the best? You get to pick.

We gathered the highlights from network primetime lineups across the decade. Pick the lineup that you like best each day of the week — and see which year you belong in!

  1. Pick the best batch of shows on Sunday
  2. Pick the best batch of shows on Monday
  3. Pick the best batch of shows on Tuesday
  4. Pick the best batch of shows on Wednesday
  5. Pick the best batch of shows on Thursday
  6. Pick the best batch of shows on Friday
  7. Pick the best batch of shows on Saturday

Pick: Which year of the 1970s had the best TV shows?

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willdo19 5 months ago
I know it's probably impossible but would love to see MeTV broadcast a different lineup of shows each night in primetime. So like on Monday, a lineup of Lucy, Family Affair, Andy Griffith , Rookies... Friday, Brady Bunch, Partridge Famil, Room 222.... shows made famous on each particular night.
dwalk 17 months ago
1972. I was 18 and I liked it.
obectionoverruled 19 months ago
1961-64 best period. The Fugitive was the best drama series ever. Andy Griffith because of Barney Fife the best comedy. Always liked the Mickey Mouse Club, Little Rascals and Three Stooges after school.
Moody 20 months ago
1970 which is ok with me. Some of these were hard to pick for various reasons. Any list with Laverne & Shirley or Welcome Back Kotter were automatically disqualified. I can't stand those shows.
Mymylynn 20 months ago
1978 but none of those lineups were exactly like the quiz where I lived. So I picked the ones that had the most of my fav
marmetv20 20 months ago
1971 lol I was pretty young the. But I did love those shows!
Threnody 20 months ago
1974 - I was 8-years-old and sadly, TV probably was at it's best then. Looking at what's on currently I can truly say it hasn't gotten better since then. Loved the 70s detective shows the best.
Oldielover 20 months ago
1978!....Absolutely one of the favorite years of my lifetime,you betcha!...But really,did those lineups switch that much within the same seaon/year?.....And I don't recall the show 'Apples Way'.......Yikes!
Zip 20 months ago
I got 1975.
There were so many of these with shows in multiple groups per question that I really liked matched with others I either didn't like or never heard of, so I didn't know which to pick.
JDnHuntsvilleAL Zip 20 months ago
Yeah, I just tried to pick the group which had the most shows I did like.
kidhickey 20 months ago
It said 1971 , that is pretty close i did like 1971 and 72 , i like 1977 and 1978 and 79 pretty good as well
Mac2Nite 20 months ago
1972.... okay... I guess... although we all were forced to pick from groupings of shows where I only liked one or two of them in the batch.
MichaelSkaggs Mac2Nite 20 months ago
Same here. It could also use the option of None Of The Above.
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