Can you find the ONE character that’s NOT a sitcom boss?

Show us who's boss. Literally.

The best workplace sitcoms are usually only as good as their bosses. These head honchos ordered around cherished TV casts and served as authorities of what were surely some of television's funniest moments.

Think you can spot the ONE character who was NOT a famous sitcom boss? Scroll through this list of TV's top brass and see if you can spot the one character who deserves to be demoted. Good luck!
  1. Pick the ONE character below who is NOT a TV boss:

Can you find the ONE character that’s NOT a sitcom boss?

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JDnHuntsvilleAL 38 months ago
I, too, got it first try, BUT think about it -- IT'S WRONG. Norm WAS a boss for awhile. Remember the painting business he ran?
EllisClevenger 40 months ago
You found the right one!
First choice. I got it, right.
Tresix 59 months ago
Got it on the first try. For some reason, when they showed his photo, I was thinking it was Norm's wife, but then I remembered her name was Vera.
Lucyneenah19701 60 months ago
I found Norm Peterson on the 7th try.
anthony 60 months ago
Got it. Norm!!!! 🍺🍺 Favorite Norm quote of all time. "It's a dog eat dog world,Woody and i'm wearing Milk Bone underware."😁
Deleted 60 months ago
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Wyatt 60 months ago
cperrynaples 60 months ago
Got it right, but didn't know that Norm's first name was Hillary!
Everybody sing: "One of these things {names} is not like the other. Which one is different, do you know.... ...Can you tell which thing {name} is not like the others, before I finish my song?...."This is not the first time this Sesame Street oldie, but goodie, has popped into my head when I've seen a quiz like this!} Like you and teire did, I got it right on the first click of the mouse.
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