Can you guess how these cartoons are related?

Wait. Is Scrappy Scooby's son, brother, nephew or cousin?

Can you trace family trees when it comes to favorite classic cartoons?

We've pulled different characters we've all seen paired together for decades on cartoon shows like The Flintstones, Looney Tunes, The Yogi Bear Show, Duck Tales and more. It's up to you to figure out how each set of characters is related ... or if they aren't related at all. Good luck!
  1. On The Flintstones, how is Barney related to Bamm-Bamm?
  2. On The Simpsons, how is Homer related to Bart?
  3. In Winnie the Pooh cartoons, how is Kanga related to Roo?
  4. In Scooby-Doo shows, how is Scooby-Doo related to Scrappy-Doo?
  5. On Duck Tales, how is Scrooge McDuck related to Huey, Dewey and Louie?
  6. In Charlie Brown cartoons, how is Snoopy related to Spike?
  7. On The Yogi Bear Show, how is Yogi Bear related to Boo-Boo Bear?
  8. On Looney Tunes, how is Foghorn Leghorn related to Egghead, Jr.?
  9. On Looney Tunes, how is Speedy Gonzales related to Slowpoke Rodriguez?
  10. In Droopy cartoons, how is Droopy related to Drippy?

Can you guess how these cartoons are related?

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JDnHuntsvilleAL 4 months ago
9/10. I really didn't think I'd do this good.
EllisClevenger 7 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
Your memory for cartoon families is as rich as Scrooge McDuck!
Missed #8 and #9
djw1120 20 months ago
9 out of 10
I got # 1 wrong (according to MeTV) when in actuality, it could go either way.
Technically, Barney & Betty adopted Bamm-Bamm so he is NOT related to Barney.
He is Bamm-Bamm's ADOPTIVE father.
DIGGER1 22 months ago
Can you guess how these cartoons are related?
You got 7 out of 10
Close, but you won't be crowned king of cartoon families today.
Tresix 24 months ago
Incidentally, did any of you know that Lois from the "Hi & Lois" comic strip was the sister of Beetle Bailey?
Tresix 24 months ago
9/10. As usual, missed the last one!
MrBill 25 months ago
10/10; Fun and challenging quiz. I was able to remember all of these and get a perfect score.
JeffTanner 25 months ago
''You got 7 out of 10'' Close, But you won't be crowned king of cartoon families today.
Barry22 25 months ago
9/10, missed the last one. Who's Drippy?
Jacqueline05478 Barry22 25 months ago
I haven't a clue, either.
CarrieMcCourt 25 months ago
9/10 The one I missed was #10. Wasn't a fan of the Droopy cartoons. They drove me nuts even as a kid.
cperrynaples 25 months ago
8/10! Technically, Bamm Bamm is an orphan than Barney and Betty adopted, so there is no blood relationship!
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jomo cperrynaples 25 months ago
I'm concerned about the fact that dinosaurs and humans didn't coexist. It's a cartoon! If you want reality watch an after-school special
You're pointing out a technicality that hits close to a lot of people's hearts.
I have a cousin who is adopted. I remember asking her years ago if she ever wanted to find out who her real parents are, she said no. Like I said, that was years ago, and I have lost contact with her. So, she may have found out who they are. I of course can't speak for my sister, {but I would like to think she and I would be on the same page if not, that's fine.} but if I were adopted, I think I would like to find out who my real parents are, why they gave me up etc. Then again, this takes a lot of $$ and time, {sometimes a lot of it.} Something I am also not known for having a lot of is patience. It's like in the business world, get it done yesterday. For me, I would want to know the answers yesterday.
Amalthea djw1120 25 months ago
My church is deeply involved in the foster/adoption program. I've been to more adoption ceremonies than I care to mention. Each one was heart-warming. One of the children I watched get formally adopted asked my family to be at her baptism, next month. (Our pastor & his wife are a couple who really put their money where their mouths are: they have 1 biological daughter, 4 adopted children - including severely disabled twin boys - and have been fostering a little girl since she was a baby.)
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