The MeTV Store Presents: The Official Svengoolie Hat

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This adjustable mesh hat has arrived just in time to purchase as the perfect Father's Day gift!

Get yours now in the MeTV Store!

Buy Now

Watch Svengoolie on MeTV!

Saturdays at 8 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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Frouldeste 3 months ago
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anthony19491972 4 months ago
How come there is nothing to purchase with Gunsmoke actors
Andybandit 4 months ago
Funny Hat. I love Svengoolie every Saturday night. I love the movies, and how he makes fun of the movie. I like when he makes fun of the movie by singing a song.
harlow1313 4 months ago
"Be sure to...drink your... Ovaltine. Ovaltine?! A crummy commercial?! Son of a b****!"
Corey 4 months ago
Will there be a Toon With Me hat?
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