Watch The Ed Sullivan Show on MeTV beginning March 21

The Beatles, the Muppets and more!

"Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!" That simple introduction changed America and TV forever, as 73 million people gathered in front of their televisions to see the Beatles' first live performance on U.S. soil. With that, the Fab Four launched "The British Invasion." It was just one of many history-making performances to grace Ed Sullivan's stage.

Starting Sunday, March 21, MeTV viewers will be able to experience those electrifying moments again with the best of The Ed Sullivan Show, airing Sundays at 9:30PM | 8:30C.

MeTV's The Ed Sullivan Show proudly presents select performances and Ed Sullivan bits, taken from the most memorable milestones of The Ed Sullivan Show. In 30-minute episodes following Columbo, our Ed Sullivan showcase features a "who's who" of pop-culture icons, entertainers, and performers, including Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, the Jackson 5, Judy Garland, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, the Carpenters, Tony Bennett, George Carlin, Ella Fitzgerald, the Temptations, the Doors, Richard Pryor, Liza Minnelli, George Burns, and many, many more.

You will also see early performances by the Muppets, and other beloved puppets like Topo Gigio and the talking hand of Señor Wences.

As comedian Alan King once noted, Ed Sullivan couldn't sing or dance, or effectively deliver a joke, but he was perhaps the greatest TV host of all time. The Ed Sullivan Show was the very definition of appointment television. It was the quintessential variety show and the longest-running in TV history.

The show aired from 1948 – 1971, an impressive 23 years throughout an era of great cultural shifts. Each week, a massive television audience tuned in to see a wide variety of guests from the seemingly disparate worlds of rock 'n' roll, pop, R&B, opera, politics, comedy, novelty, and even sports. Ed became a star by being the ultimate star-maker.

We are excited to bring this classic television to you. Keep track of the upcoming guests and performances on The Ed Sullivan Show with the MeTV schedule.

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MacDoc 14 months ago
Why on Sunday evening do we get two Carol Burnett episodes and no Ed Sullivan Show, on FrndlyTV?
Chris 36 months ago
PATIENTLY wiating for The Doors week in and week out MeTV!!!
Lantern 38 months ago
I saw it just now also. Would have been nice if they had included the date each segment aired.
texasluva 38 months ago
This was so good tonight. Though I had to tape it because of The Walking Dead. I have seen every episode of the WD but when over I high tailed it over to my taping and watched. The best was the last. Elvis is KING! He just oozes greatness in so many ways. The Beatles, Richard Pryor, Joan Rivers and others lit up the screen with laughter and wondrous music.
Jeffrey 38 months ago
I wish MeTV would air The Ed Sullivan Show in its entirety, uncut without interruption, except for commercials, for an hour, not 30 minutes. And when is Collector's Call coming back on the air?
LindaStimpkins 38 months ago
This is great news. I remember all the wonderful moments sitting with my parents and couldn't wait till Sunday nights. I loved all the acts but my absolute favorites were Wayne & Shuster. I believe they had the most appearances on Ed's show. I also remember how fond Ed was of them. Since yesterday was March 15th, I am hoping the see the sketch about Julius Caesar, "Its the Ides of March already, I told him don't go." I still smile when I think of that sitting with my parents in the TV room.
kenosha 38 months ago
I think that is wonderful that ME TV is finally adding to there lineup and The Ed Sullivan Show is definitely a wonderful choice but what I do not understand is why is there one hour of Hogan’s Heroes every weeknight ??? There are so many classic shows why not just show one episode of Hogan’s Heroes and bring another classic television show like: The Odd Couple- Cheers - Taxi - Phyllis-
LooneyTraceGG 38 months ago
Can't wait to see the Muppets on MeTV, so as other stuff like The Beatles, and Similarities to Carol Burnett.
StrayCat 38 months ago
A good show but it's unfortunate they elected to use the syndicated condensed half hour version. they did this with Carol Burnett as well. It's my understanding that both the full and condensed versions are available.
danielmark7 38 months ago
C’mon! Really? I don’t watch it now on the decades channel. The are so many other classic shows that could air in this time slot. Antenna tv is crushing it with Nostalgia tv shows!
Lillyrose 38 months ago
Were The Monkees ever on The Ed Sullivan Show? Or Julie Andrews? Or Doris Day? I saw Barbra Streisand on a rerun of The Ed Sullivan Show a few years ago. She's an excellent singer! I hope that they air that episode!
Lillyrose 38 months ago
Thank you for airing The Ed Sullivan Show, METV! Please also put "I Love Lucy" back on! Please also air "The Lucy Show" and "Eight is Enough". And "The Partridge Family."
Pacificsun 38 months ago
Except that you didn't give us the updated MeTV schedule as of 3/21/21. Could you let us know which Shows we're saying good bye too.
robyni23 38 months ago
MeTv doesn't show the entire Carol Burnett Show either. Just 30 minutes of the hour.
Wiseguy robyni23 38 months ago
MeTV just broadcasts the episodes, they don't create the episodes.
Pacificsun robyni23 38 months ago
Well they broadcast the syndicated package of them. In other words the episodes and outstanding skits were selected to fit into 30 minutes. Sometimes you see the opening questions. And sometimes there's not enough running time.
obectionoverruled 38 months ago
Sounds like a really really BIG shooooo....and now, don’t change that dial, a word from our sponsors: Emerson Radio and Ford Lincoln-Mercury. Will someone get me a towel and wipe the sweat off my face?
1shotonek 38 months ago
Without going into more, long as The Honeymooners isn't disturbed. Am on Texas (Central) time...get my MeTv mail today about Sullivan Show...same ones Decades uses twice a day....BUT...and I have searched site and .pdf Schedule well....NO mention at all about what else will be replacing the other hour and one half of Columbo....this will be affecting...? Not one word..? If so, please tell me where I have missed it..? And please tell me new Central Time through 8pm-9:30pm or update .pdf schedule...or just What Will be scheduled Central Time...Fort Worth / Dallas broadcaster..?
LittleMissNoName 1shotonek 38 months ago
Posted you a schedule link for Sunday March 21st.
1shotonek LittleMissNoName 38 months ago
Thank you very much. I guess i still have questions...the episode of Columbo you link to next Sunday, from 1971, ran 1hr 16m without commercials..good for the 1 1/2 hr slot..but the majority
of later episodes ran 2hr slots and was said they were noted for trying to even stretch those..?
Guess what I mean is ...last Sundays Columbo was 2hr I believe..abd I never watch them since originals so I was simply wondering how the announcement of Sullivan show coming at my 08:30 pm slot would affect these 2hr ( I assumed ) needed slots for the future preceeding Cokumbo shows...? And per my used to seeing these Sullivan shows 2 per hour, like with Decades TV...and that Carol Burnett was " probably " a temp and replaced the canceled Collector Show till a replacement found etc..? Oh well...I " guess " we will have ONLY 1.5 hr Columbo shows and then 1 only .5hr Sullivan show..? Looking back over this, I don't think my having questions were out of line concerning this as I was trying to compare the Announcement against the Unchanged as of yet .pdf Schedule showing 2hr Columbo slot.
No, the date on that .pdf is still 2/21/21 which doesn't represent the Spring schedule.

They're obviously avoiding controversial news.
CurleyGirl1018 38 months ago
I just barely missed all of the classic Ed shows! THANK YOU MEtv!!!!!
ncadams27 39 months ago
When Ed Sullivan introduced the rock acts from the sixties (Beatles, etc), he would say “And now for you youngsters... “ to let the parents know they could leave until the end of the next commercial. One comedian commented he will be on TV as long as someone else has talent.
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