Can you fill in the word missing from these Brady Bunch titles?

Have a sunshine BLANK!

The Brady Bunch is as popular as ever half a century later! Generations have grown up watching the six kids, their two loving parents and housekeeper (and dog). The next generation will still relate to this timeless classic.

In other words, everyone knows a little something about the Brady Bunch. We bet you even know some memorable episode titles.

We removed one word from some iconic episodes. See if you can fill in the blank. Good luck!

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  1. "The Subject Was BLANK"
  2. "Getting Greg's BLANK"
  3. "A-BLANK We Will Go"
  4. "Her Sister's BLANK"
  5. "Today, I Am a BLANK"
  6. "The Hair-BLANK Scheme"
  7. "A BLANK Is Not a Home"
  8. "The Slumber BLANK"
  9. "Pass the BLANK"
  10. "The Great BLANK Caper"
  11. "A Fistful of BLANK"
  12. "BLANK Re Mi"

Can you fill in the word missing from these Brady Bunch titles?

Your Result...

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kise 18 months ago
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john 18 months ago
I had a dream where I was making out with Jan when she suddenly turned into vampire!
EricSorrell 18 months ago
I got 8/12 correct not bad for someone who just started watching the brady bunch 3 years ago.
Mydoglucky9 18 months ago
I got allofthem right, but it didn't show it.
DouglasMorris 18 months ago
11/12! missed number5. also, it did not give me a score at all.
jojo68 18 months ago
It didn't give me my score, but I got 7 out of 12. Not bad for someone who is not a big fan of the show.
cperrynaples 18 months ago
7/12! Yes, i made a few mistakes, but let me explain! 5 sounded like it might be about one of the girls, so i picked woman. Party just seemed to work for 8, but then I remembered Patty Duke used that title. 9 was a Hawaii episode, and we all know what happened there! As for 10, well Mom always said don't play ball in the house! Finally, I thought 11 was a goof on a Clint Eastwood movie! The others were obvious! 2 is "oh,my nose", 4 is "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia", and 6 is that infamous final episode ["Gosh, it was only a suggestion!"]!!
Moody 18 months ago
It didn't give me a score but I got them all right which scares me. I need to quit taking these Brady Bunch quizzes.
teire Moody 18 months ago
I hear you.
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