Can you fill in the blanks to The Flintstones theme song?

We know you can hear it in your head right now... but do you actually know all the words to "Meet The Flintstones?"

Meet The Flintstones theme song! 

The Hanna-Barbera hit cartoon debuted "Meet The Flintstones" at the beginning of each episode starting in season three, after the melody of "Rise and Shine" served as the theme song for the show's first two seasons. 

Just saying the title causes us to start humming or even singing the rest of the song out loud. Do you know all the words to "Meet The Flintstones" or does the singing sort of trail off into a low hum? If it does, you might struggle with this quiz! 

See if you can fill in the blanks to one of the most recognizable theme songs across television! 

Plus, watch 10 of The Flintstones' best episodes August 7 during our Summer of Me, Sunday Block Party

  1. What is the first line in The Flintstones opening credits?
  2. Fill in the blanks the rest of the way. "Flintstones, meet the Flintstones! They're the modern _______ family."
  3. "From the _______ of Bedrock...."
  4. "They're a _______ right out of history"
  5. "Let's ______ with the _____ down the street"
  6. "Through the ______ of Fred's _____ ______"
  7. "______ you're ______ the Flintstones"
  8. "Have a ________ time"
  9. "A ________ time"
  10. "We'll have a ______ old time"

Can you fill in the blanks to The Flintstones theme song?

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geekinoutwithethan 9 months ago
I got it! A+
I remember 100% of the lyrics!
BeeMe957 9 months ago
Cool; I still remember those lyriics! 🤗👍
JanFresh 9 months ago
10/10 I really don't care for the Flintstones, but I have watched it a lot throughout my life.
mpr4christ1980 9 months ago
That was so difficult I feel ashamed of myself. I only got 10/10 right. I'll try to do better next time. I promise!
Spock123 9 months ago
Darn, 8/10. Go ahead ask me, The Beverly Hillbillies, or, Gilligans Island, or Car 54. Yes, Car 54 where are you?
Tim Randoloh-California.
1977Marshall 9 months ago
Woohoo 10 out of 10 finally I got something right
Ralphholmes63 10 months ago
And yeah I don't remember that starting out with " yabba dabba doo" maybe I'm just too old to remember 🤔..
Ralphholmes63 10 months ago
8/10 I can't believe I missed 2 I can sing that song in my sleep 😏
lmahabhashyam 10 months ago
I’ve never heard the show start out with Yabba Dabba Do first but I knew the song by heart.
MarkDavis 10 months ago
Started out with a trick question. 9/10.
Edbrem 10 months ago
10/10 What can I say? I’m old
kirkindog 10 months ago
I've heard this theme song a gazillion times and yet, I still missed three.
geleta 10 months ago
And I loved to watch the flint stones
JohnGrant 10 months ago
8/10. Just like the Monkee's quiz I thought this would be an easy 10
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