Are these Space Age characters from The Jetsons or Lost in Space?

Do you know the difference between Uniblab and Megazor?

Two shows that perfectly exemplify the wonderful and wacky 1960s view of the future are The Jetsons and Lost in Space. They both showed a far-out vision of what lay beyond Earth's surface at the height of the space race.

While one is a live-action galactic adventure and the other an animated family sitcom, both are full of characters with futuristic space names. Below are some examples. Can you guess which ones are from The Jetsons and which ones are from Lost in Space?

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Are these Space Age characters from The Jetsons or Lost in Space?

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JC 34 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
You must feel like celebrating after doing so well. Great job!
Greg 34 months ago
9/13 The Robinsons IMO the worst parents ever. They've seen Smith use their kids as human shields many times. And all those "camping" trips with Will need I say more.
Muleskinner 35 months ago
7/13. I got a little lost on this quiz.
MrChrisM 35 months ago
11 out of 13 only because I am big fan of both.
jlin 35 months ago
Isn’t that funny, I hardly watched either one of these programs and I get a 12 out of 13 🤷‍♀️
FestusFan2312 35 months ago
11/13. Not bad considering I never watched The Jetsons and hate Lost in Space. Got most just by thinking about whether or not the name sounded most likely to be in a cartoon.
rockinsuzy 36 months ago
Only 10/13. I thought I knew Lost in Space better than that.
justjeff 36 months ago
8/13. Good thing this quiz wasn't about space squat... 'cause it seems I don't know squat about some of those characters...
Stoney 36 months ago
13 for 13. I guess that would be a "stellar" performance ;)
idkwut2use 36 months ago
10/13. Was a bigger Jetsons fan. Never actually watched LiS until recently I don’t think.
cosmos 36 months ago
Hanna/Barbera was airways an enigma to me. Huckleberry Hound showed promise, the Flintstones did not.
Yet over the past years someone is watching Bedrock , Huckleberry disappears like , dinosaurs ?
Beats me, long after H/B closed shop and was sold off Fred , Barney and others seem to be going strong.
cosmos 36 months ago
Ironic the Lost in Space and Star Trek lasted rhe same amount of seasons.
June Lockhart and William Shatner were on a game show “You Don’t Say” and June commented that the shows should “link up” is space. That was 1967 , just before LIS was shuffled off into the cosmos.
It seems the “Suits” at NBC had little regard for Roddenberry or the Star Trek crew. Little did they know about the power of merchandising.! Like Lucas and his cronies...
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