Can you complete the titles of these vintage ''monster'' movies?

Can you fill in all the movie titles in this monster mash?

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What would the landscape of horror be like without the famous monsters? For decades, audiences have screamed, laughed and even sometimes jeered at the creatures lurching across the screen. Some nightmares are done so well that they haunt you for years. Others look so cheap and tacky that they become famous for how terrible they look.

We've collected a dungeon full of classic horror and sci-fi flicks with "monster" in the title. You may recognize some of these movies from Svengoolie! See if you can complete their full, frightful names.

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  1. This 1955 Ed Wood flick had Bela Lugosi in his final speaking role in a feature film. It's "___ of the Monster"
  2. A classic Corman drive-in picture: "Attack of the ___ Monsters"
  3. This Karloff movie was (very) loosely based on an H.P. Lovecraft story: "___, Monster, ___!"
  4. A notoriously bad sci-fi movie with a misleading title: "___ Meets the Space Monster"
  5. Released as a double feature with "The Killer Shrews": "The Giant ___ Monster"
  6. A Rankin/Bass stop-motion musical comedy starring the likes of Phyllis Diller: "Mad Monster ___?"
  7. This film had a kaiju crossover of epic proportions with eleven different monsters. "___ All Monsters"
  8. "How to ___ a Monster" was a follow-up to "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" and "I Was a Teenage Frankenstein"
  9. Lon Chaney Jr.'s horror film debut: "___ Made Monster"
  10. "___ Monster" has been called one of the worst movies ever made, and has become a part of pop culture as a result
  11. These monsters really rock! It's "The ____ Monsters"

Can you complete the titles of these vintage ''monster'' movies?

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