Can you complete the titles of these 1980s movie sequels?

From Superman to Star Trek, it's time for the revenge of the movie nerds.

They've been making movie sequels about as long as they've been making movies. Heck, as soon as the first film in history was finished, the director probably looked around and said, "Hey, let's do that again!"

But in the 1980s, movie sequels got a little goofier. More specifically, studios got creative with the titles. There were some memorable phrases that came after the colons in the titles.

So, let's see if you remember them. Take a stroll through the video store of your memory and match the correct title to the movie.
  1. In 1984, the Enterprise crew returned for Star Trek III: __________?
     Image: Paramount
  2. Christopher Reeve put on the blue tights for the final time in Superman IV: __________?
     Image: Warner Bros.
  3. Breakdancing was all the rage in Breakin' 2: __________?
     Image: TriStar Pictures
  4. The fourth time was not a charm in Jaws: __________?
  5. Dudley Moore poured another one in Arthur 2: _________?
     Image: Warner Bros.
  6. The dweebs reteamed for Revenge of the Nerds 2: _________?
     Image: 20th Century Fox
  7. Guttenberg and Goldthwait returned in Police Academy 4: ________?
     Image: Warner Bros.
  8. We finally got a sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey in 2010: __________?
     Image: MGM
  9. Carol Anne talked to the dead again in Poltergeist II: __________?
     Image: MGM
  10. It was time for another teen romp in 1983 with Porky's II: _________?
     Image: 20th Century Fox
  11. Freddy was not dead in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: ________?
     Image: New Line Cinema
  12. Ding dong! Do you recall House II: __________?
     Image: New World Pictures
  13. Patrick Dempsey and Sally Kellerman headlined Meatballs III: __________?
     Image: The Movie Store

Can you complete the titles of these 1980s movie sequels?

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IndianaRockz 4 months ago
See how good I make you all look!?!? 😄
soonersjlg 4 months ago
8/13. Not bad since most were before my time and I haven't seen some of them.
DerekBird 32 months ago
You got 11 out of 13
You swung into action and showed off your stuff! We bet you even know what movie led to The Secret of the Ooze.
TijuanaSlim 32 months ago
Meatballs Tripped me up...

an I'd swear Friday the 13th and Porky's had sequels using one of the wrong options as sub-titles on later films in the franchise... (making me rack my brain to remember the Numbers)
Dario 32 months ago
12 out of 13. Missed the Freddie Kruger question. 😁😁😁😁😁
DerekBird Dario 32 months ago
That was easy for me (even though I can't stand "slasher" films (I think that they are ridiculous)) I had no problem with Dream Warriors because of the soundtrack's title track that was performed by one of my favorite bands - Dokken.

Snickers 35 months ago
11 out of 13. The 80's were a great time for movies.
Runeshaper 58 months ago
You got 7 out of 13
You barely made it through this one and things got a little topsy-turvy. That's okay — nothing beats the originals anyway.
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