Can you complete the sensational titles of these classic afterschool specials?

What comes after the colon?

There were two things we wanted immediately when we got home after school. First, a snack. Second, a melodramatic TV movie with a moral.

ABC coined the term "after school special" with its groundbreaking ABC Afterschool Special series. The movies ran through 1997. The other networks got into the game, too, as CBS served up its Schoolbreak Special series and NBC crafted its Special Treat anthology.

Regardless of the channel, the formula remained the same. Take a hot teenage topic, add a child star and end with a lesson. Even if you haven't seen these educational films, you can probably guess how they went.

Or so we believe. Let's see if you can complete the actual titles of after school specials from the 1970s and 1980s. What comes after the colon?

If you need some help, check out classic examples in our list of 13 attention-grabbing titles of after school specials.
  1. Backwards:
    Image: ABC / YouTube
  2. Getting Even:
    Image: IMDb
  3. Dear Lovey Hart:
    Image: ABC / YouTube
  4. The Heartbreak Winner:
    Image: ABC / YouTube
  5. Just a Regular Kid:
    Image: ABC / YouTube
  6. Tattle:
    Image: ABC / YouTube
  7. Andrea's Story:
    Image: ABC / YouTube
  8. Cindy Eller:
    Image: ABC / iOffer
  9. Contract for Life:
    Image: CBS / thebetamaxrundown
  10. William:
    Image: Wikipedia
Can you complete the sensational titles of these classic afterschool specials?

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