Can we guess how old you are?

Are you a baby boomer or millennial? Let us guess!

A lot of times, our interests are a dead giveaway for how old we are. If you grew up watching Gilligan's Island, chances are you grew up in the 1960s. Or if you prefer Saved by the Bell, perhaps you grew up in the '80s. 

Sometimes our interests don't always match our age. Let's find out how old you really are. Do you prefer the classics, or are you up on the latest trends? Answer these questions and find out!
  1. Pick a teen idol:
  2. Pick a TV show:
  3. Pick a boy band:
  4. Pick a Cher song:
  5. Pick a Tiger Beat cover:
  6. Pick a word to describe yourself:
  7. Pick a cartoon:
  8. Pick a pair of shoes:

Can we guess how old you are?

Your Result...

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MmeLaura 35 months ago
Well, I came out 8 years younger than I am. What does that mean?
Newyorkcitygal 35 months ago
I am 32... You were only off by 30 years lol...
Karen 35 months ago
Ha! Second age quiz in a row and you nailed it again! 55 and I'm 52!
Deleted 46 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Kthompson 44 months ago
That's the exact same as me lol
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